Un-enroll for a class? Answered

How do I un-enroll or cancel an enrollment for a class? If I don't do the lessons, do I get dropped eventually?

Asked by Rmarbrown 1 year ago

How do you un-fave instructables?

I can't find the button on the favorites editor. Is instructables working on the site?

Asked by muffinhead 9 years ago

Un-Join A Group

I remember that there used to be an un-join group button. It's not there any more, and my problem-solving-skill-dissolved self can't seem to figure out how to leave a group. Anyone know?

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

Game Nox Un-Subcripted Newsletter 1

This is the first non-subcribed newsletter for Game Nox. We urge you to subscribe for you will get a lot of features. We are also sending FREE newsletters that have extra material to subscribers. PLESAE SUBSCRIBE!!!! Also you can ask questions via E-Mail for awnsers if you subscribe.

Posted by GameNox 7 years ago

Update Arduino Uninstalling the old software on computer? Answered

How do i uninstall the old software completely from 0018 to 0021

Asked by MACKattacksnipe 7 years ago

How do I un-enter a contest? Answered

It happened as an accident.  I had NO intention of adding ibles to the contest, well if they had fit the description maybe I would have, but the ones that were entered don't fit the description as far as I'm concerned.  We were sitting around talking about the contest, looking at the page on my iPad, and at the bottom were links.  Something about the following of my ibles being qualified to enter, and a link to click and enter.  Well one of the goober sitting around doing nothing did something, he hit those links! I just want to remove them from the contest, but not remove the ible cuz I wrote them to be on here, not to be used like that.   Please help me, does anyone know the robots return email addy? or whatever it would take? please? 

Asked by barefootbohemian 6 years ago

The Edge - Batch Game

The game; "The Edge" maybe be released in 14th March 2013 as 0.1 Alpha, but for now I have a demo for you to test, it's just only for you to look around the TV part of the game. Link to game: http://martzon.webs.com/ But you will need to make an WEBSID account in order to download it. martzon.webs.com>downloads>membersonlydownloads

Posted by martzon 5 years ago

Knex not in _ bar?

Why is knex not in the bar that has the things like "kids, Green, ride, music" It doesn't make sense...

Asked by Bartboy 8 years ago

Un enrolling? Answered

How do I make it so i'm not enrolled anymore?

Asked by KneXFAN200 1 year ago

Can you un-feature a comment?

Can a featured comment be un-featured and put back into the order with other comments?

Asked by zimitt 2 years ago

un-subscribe to newsletter?

I want to un-subscribe to the newsletter, Is this possible? If so then how do i do it? Answers/knowledge appreciated :)

Posted by Rabid.Fang 8 years ago

Does Stefan (modifed nerf bullets) work with stock nerf guns? Answered

I looked at backer rods and they have aren't hollow. The regular stock nerf bullets are. The stock nerf guns have a little stick pointing out so you can put the bullet onto it, but since Stefan bullets aren't hollow they can't go onto the stick. So my question is "Can I put Stefan bullets unto un-modifed nerf guns?"

Asked by Pizzapie500 8 years ago

devo costruire un modellino di una torre a caduta libera come quella dei parchi di divertimento , come posso fare ?

Utilizzando un pic dei sensori e un motore, come posso fare ? help

Asked by scaglia 7 years ago

Un-join groups? Answered

Can you, and if you can, how do you unjoin a group?

Asked by Atomman 8 years ago

comment construire un billard soi même pas à pas

Bonjour à vous!  Je voudrais fabriquer un billard ou un snooker fait maison, mais je ne sais pas comment faire. Pouvez vous s'il vous plait m'expliquer la procédure de construction pas à pas?

Posted by Lemythique 6 months ago

old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition

Im looking for old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition as they are items of not much value i would like them for free

Posted by JACKBARRY 5 years ago

Instructables Un-Subscribing From Me

I have a feeling that there is a bug in Instructables that unsubscribes people after they subscribe to me. (or not only me?) I know people un-sub once in a while, But I think this isn't the case... In the past week (or two), Most of the people that followed me, Have un-followed, And I don't think this is a coincidence. I think I can estimate that it happened to me with ~15 people. Am I the only one that has this problem?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Is is possible to Un-Jailbreak an iPod Touch?

If I ever get an iPod Touch, I may want to Jailbreak it, and I want to know if the Jailbreaking process is reversible at all.

Asked by Foaly7 8 years ago

I would Dearly like to Un-FOLLOW one of these Questions. Anybody, has it been done ? Answered

Yes.....  I did click to Follow...............  not knowing the nature of the ensuing situational unending longevity ;-)

Asked by iceng 6 years ago

Que les parece un burning man Fest aca en Colombia....?

Ha sido mi sueño dorado, un festival en el que el arte libre se exprese ante la violencia e ignorancia que abunda en las mentes Grises y polvorientas de algunos colombianos...es simplemente una inquietud y a la vez un llamado a los artistas y creativos interesados en  un formar el primer Burning man Fest aca en colombia...cuenten conmigo....lo q sobra es voluntad...keep in touch. INSTRUCTABLES IS ON THE HOUSE...

Posted by Mr.Sanchez 8 years ago

featured instructable is now a draft?

Today I noticed one of my instructables was "un-published" and is now a draft? What would make an instructable (that was featured) get taken down. It was un-changed since publishing...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 4 years ago

where can i get zinc poweder? besides UN?

I am looking to get zinc powder without ordering off united nuclear? anywhere local/get it out of another product

Asked by bullet71792 9 years ago

What should i do with an old un-usable PC that im going to throw away?

I've salvaged the HDD, 2 sticks of RAM, a PROCESSOR, a CD drive, a FLOPPY drive, and a FAN.

Asked by ee909 9 years ago

how do i delete un-wanted instructables? Answered

I have some i dont want but i dont know how to delete them also i dont know how to delete my questions

Asked by pianolover10124353 5 years ago

If I have downloaded a game on STEAM, and I un-install it, will I be able to re-download it afterwards for free? Answered

So, if I have downloaded say, foreign legion: buckets of blood (short, but fun) on STEAM and I un-install it by right clicking on it and selecting delete local content, will I be able to re-download the necessary game files and play it again with-out having to pay for the game again? Thanks in advance

Asked by tudgeanator 8 years ago

que diferencia hay entre esto y PWM en un motor? Answered

Los motores al ser controlados por la cantidad de voltage que les damos pierden potencia pero lo ideal seria usar PWM

Asked by JuanA20 1 year ago

If I un-publish an instructable, is it permanently deleted or can I just publish the same one again?

My roller coaster instructable has a corrupt pdf file, the page won't load up. If I remove the instructable via unpublish it, will I still be able to access it to re-publish it?

Asked by knexpert#10829476 5 years ago

How do I get back my saved but un finished instructable?

I had 2 steps done to my first instructable. I saved it a few times. But How do I get it back so I can keep working on it.

Posted by artmule 9 years ago

How can I fix un-working headphones?

The problem is in the head-phone bit, not the wire outside. Loose wires/connections inside? Sound comes and goes, so I imagine something somewhere is loose. If I knew what problems to look for, I could attack with solder, yes?

Asked by Julibopper 9 years ago

codigo para cubo de leds de 5x5x5 con arduino?

Me gustaria me ayudaran con un codigo para un cubo de leds de 5x5x5 con arduino uno, lo hice mediante multiplex, ayuda por favor 

Asked by airada 5 years ago

How do I make my desk "un-cluttered" (things I could make to fit on/around desk)

Ny ideas on things I could make to fit on/around desk? My desk is a cluttered mess! Please help- all contributions greatly appreciated

Posted by crzyns 10 years ago