I was just wondering do video codes show up in sinstrucables? like myspace and codes from youtube?

Posted by gotja 10 years ago

I have a video........?

I have a video in youtube that my friend that he blurred a part of it. How do i unblur this part?

Asked by Riojelon 9 years ago

Videos not interfacing properly when adding Instructable to collection

   OS: Windows 7, Dell desktop, Internet Explorer and Chrome (all most recent versions as of 1/27/16), I was looking at: Build a Lightsaber   by MrTinkerer (with attached image.  Note that this happens for any video in any Instructable I view).  To reproduce, simply click the add to collection button and scroll past the video.  The video also cuts into the header when scrolling normally. 

Posted by DebuffedHero 2 years ago

when you guys do videos, do you write out your script?

Just curious how you guys go about doing videos.  I recently did several for my instructable, and man did it take a long time.  Mostly because I'd stumble or mumble and have to start over.  I finally called it quits and just used what I had rather than really producing what I wanted. Do you guys write out a transcript or something before hitting start on the camera?

Posted by electronichamsters 3 years ago

Uploading video?

I was trying to uplaod a video for instructables and it asked me for embedded video code. What is that, and how do i get it?

Asked by smool 8 years ago

Emeding videos

I embed the video and it's not in the preview and disapears after I embed it help

Posted by steelspark 7 years ago

Can you watch videos or hear music while converting videos, or will it ruin the audio for the video?

The converting video is either ging to be MP4 or MPG format so i was just wondering if hearing music or watching youtube videos will affect the audio for either format?

Asked by chickychick89 8 years ago

Where's the video section to just upload a video to? Answered

I don't want to make a written instructable, I have a few videos to upload as they can't be put into written form. The "admin" said to put them into the video section. Does someone know where that is as I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

Asked by GiddyGreetings 9 years ago

Bug: embedded YouTube videos on iPad

YouTube videos imbedded on instructible pages only provide audio.  The video is black but the audio plays as expected.  The pause stop and play function work normally.  Just a black video with sound.  Imbedded videos work on other sites like Make, hackaday, and hacked gadgets. I assumed it could just be my iPad, but I just did a restore to factory setting and am in the process of reloading data and apps when I noticed the videos still don't work. Thanks iMega

Posted by iMega 6 years ago

Is there any way to reduce the amount of MB for a video? Answered

I have noticed that my last few videos have been taking up a lot of space. A 1 minute 30 second video takes up 500 MB of space. Is there any way to reduce this capacity so I can upload the videos to youtube faster?

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago



Asked by robinreise 4 years ago

Embedding Videos Appears To Be Broken

I can't get videos to embed for this page: I've embedded videos before and I've tried several different links and two formattings of the iframe tag without success. Simply copying and pasting the embed link from youtube doesn't work.

Posted by yardleydobon 6 years ago

how do you embed you tube video to an instructable? Answered

Ive been wondering how to do this i made a video & others have done this i wan to but dont know how can you guys help me in this matter?

Asked by GeekBeam 8 years ago

Instructables videos wont play

For some reason vidoes wont play for me, do I need to be a pro member? All im getting is an image with a circle a square and a rectangle.

Posted by crazed rhetoric 8 years ago

Wood rings

How can I find new videos on making wood rings? Thank Jerry

Posted by JerryM4 1 year ago

Cannot Post Video on Instructables website. Keep getting error message.

I am trying to post a video on the Instructables website, however, when I click on "Save and Preview" the site always goes to a blank page with the following URL: ""  My video is around 14 minutes long. It almost seems as though there is a problem with the Instructables website itself.   Can anyone help me? Thank you!

Asked by RichsMethods 7 years ago

Sometimes you have to throw out the wheat with the chaff

I like slideshows, I know not everyone does, meh. I love instructables, with text and pictures, and the occasional video demonstrating the item. But the videos, oh dear Ghod, the videos. I don't really like the videos, but when these metacafe people carpet bomb the front page with a dozen videos, I want to punch them in the groin. So, nope, never, ever gonna look at another video again, don't care if you invented a space drive, and brought back a freaking green skinned alien babe with two navels, not gonna watch it. That's all, I feel better.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 10 years ago

"This video contains content from SME" message

Hi everyone.  I have an Instructables I recently posted which contains some videos. I've never had trouble with people viewing my videos on previous instructables I've posted, but on my most recent one, E4-B4 Astromech Droid, on of the videos has the following message... This video contains content from SME. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube." So first off, what the heck is SME? If it's such an issue, what does it leave a link to view the video on YouTube, which it plays in anyway? How can I get rid of it? And why is it that is one of the sites that has this issue? This particular video does contain some third party content which I do have their permitton to use, so I don't see why I get this rather annoying message.  Thanks guys. 

Posted by steve-gibbs5 2 years ago

How can you make money off of videos? Answered

When Kiteman said that Kipkay made money with videos, I was interested in doing this as well. I need to get some cash fast, and I am neither old enough to work or have parents rich enough to give me a decent allowance. How can you make money off of videos? If you can tell me from experience, by all means do so.

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago

How can i find a good,cheep video camrea? Answered

Me and my bud hav a "show" and the fone just aint cuttin it. i need a fairly good camcorder that picks up good sound and can be uploded to the internet. i dont need any of the fansy MP3 crap, just a camera. prise ranj? 350-400.......

Asked by redsoxdrummer 8 years ago

I have tried everything I know to imbed a video in my instructable and came up short. mickydee? Answered

I keep getting the answer that the file is too big (10 meg ). I am using Firefox 4.0 I know it can be done because I have watched other videos. I must admit that my computer skills are lacking. I want to include videos in my ible RC RIDING LAWNMOWER I hope someone can help me. mickydee

Asked by mickydee 7 years ago

Can I add my Autodesk Screencast just like an Youtube video?

I create projects on software and document them on Instructables. But it's always better if I can make a recording of what I did, no matter how many screenshots I add. I use Autodesk Screencast for recording my desktop screen, but I can only add them as links which will take you to a different webpage. In simple words, they are not added like Youtube videos.  Is it possible to add Screencasts like I add as Youtube videos?

Posted by alamtania 1 year ago

YouTube site verification for Cards?

Is there a way to Verify your Instructables page with YouTube so that you can have a Card in your video that links to Instructables? If anyone has managed to do this, please let us know how. Thanks, Steve

Posted by stevempotter 1 year ago

Instructables on YouTube.

Have you noticed how many YouTubers are showing off stuff they copied from this site? And, of course, there had to be an Altoid 'ible...

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Is There a Name For This Kind of Stuff?

Where you get audio clips from a video clip, (Like a McDonald's Commercial) and play them in some sort of order to get some sort of song.I totally want to try this: Does anyone know of any free/cheap audio editing programs that will allow me to do this? I can always try just edited the clips with Adobe Premiere, but that might be kinda hard.rgaqghgwyh6j8ukl7rku

Posted by Juklop 10 years ago

Do videos get featured?

I've noticed that video instructables don't seem to get featured, is that intentional? Or is it just that so many fewer video instructables get submitted that 'Featured' ones get lost?

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 6 years ago

How can I play music videos on windows that have been bought through Itunes.?

I bought and downloaded a music video from itunes and cannot play it on window video player. What must I do so it can be played.

Asked by paulinoB 9 years ago

How do i download Youtube videos FREE, FAST and WITH NO CATCHES? Answered

Ugh, I spent the last half hour downloading softwares to download youtube videos to itunes, and none worked or I wasn't a administrator. The thing that used to be there on youtube to download videos isn't, and I'm stuck at a crossroad.

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

Do I need to have pro member ship to upload videos

Must I have pro membership to upload videos to my page.   I have free member ship only./

Posted by dragonheaters 4 years ago

videos and slide shows

Do they need to include instrucions. most slide shows and videos do not but it is suposted to be a instructable. i am plaining tom post my newest creation as one of there but i am not sure if it will have instructions. does it need instructions?

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Are the videos from Catchword really instructional, or just pitches?

Has anyone bothered to watch any of the videos which user Catchword has been uploading today?  They're long enough that they could actually be instructional, not spam.  I'm having trouble with high-bandwidth downloads today (damn you, AT&T!), so I can't check for myself.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Youtube is horrible now

So, when I went to Youtube one day, I watched a Rockband video. And I'm like... okay, why did this person put different music on the video? Then I realized it was on most youtube videos. THEN, my favorite Youtube account was suspended. Why was all of this happening? Copywriting. I mean, most people probably bought the song off of Zune or Itunes. Most videos that look awesome are ruined because of the earache-cheap-cheesy garbage youtube puts onto videos. I think we should start a boycott or someone should start a petition or something! Does anyone have any other ideas?

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

cant add videos from youtube and facebook thing keeps popping up

When i add a embeded video from youtube it says that domain is not supported but it shows up in the place where you write stuff but after you save it it disappears and i tried facebook feature and now when i log in it says whats in the picture at the bottom

Posted by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago

Problem wiht Embeding videos

I wasn't very sure if this was a bug report or not so I just made it a forum. For some reason instructables is not allowing me to embed videos. IT comes up with the window where I paste the embed code but it doesn't allow me to press OK at all. Is this problem happening to anyone else? I use Windows 7 Internet explorer 9 I hope you guys can help!

Posted by Tornado96 7 years ago

Can you people give me a password for my computer and I can get pass my high school's firewall, please give me a answer?

I want to get on like facebook, youtube, listen to music, and watch videos can you help me?

Asked by thats_whatyour.mumsaid 8 years ago

Kinda not really a bug but it certainly bugs people....

Hi All, First: great work with the App.  Love the layout and the relative ease I can get around with it.  Works like it's suppose to it seems. Bug:  Videos don't show.  I commented on an 'ible about the lack of explanation on how it works( and then the author replied ot me asking if I'd seen the vid?  Vid? What vid?  So I logged into the site with my browser and lo-and-behold, there was the video in his 'ible!  Wait a he just pulling a fast one, put the vids up and trying to mess with me....*checks app* nope, vids are definitely not there. So, please....either embed the vids or at least give us the link to them!

Posted by DragonDon 3 years ago

Netflix streaming limit?

If I heard it right, there's gonna be a Netflix streaming limit that's only gonna let you stream one movie at a time. Well that just sucks, I wanna be able to watch Netflix streaming movies on more devices since I don't always want to watch the same movie the rest of the family is watching. So is there any way to download Netflix movies and work around that Netflix movie streaming rule or anything like that?

Asked by meetgreg 6 years ago

My videos are marked as inactive

My videos uploaded are marked as inactive. How to make them active?

Posted by AlemãoS1 1 year ago

Videos for the TBAR

Here is a video for the TBAR. I will be adding move videos as I get time to make them. I can only make short video at a time, so I'll be making a few of them.Sorry the video is of bad quality. I also added two photos of the trigger.Here is the like to the gun. HereKiller~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 8 years ago

What is the best way to download myspace videos? Answered

 I would like to download some myspace videos and to convert the videos to 3 gp. What is the best way for both downloading and converting the files? And also I would like to have something which doesn't affect the quality of the files.

Asked by Millos 8 years ago

How to capture Hulu shows and videos? Answered

Just wondering how to capture hulu shows and videos. If I am not mistaking I think I read  somewhere round the web some time ago that it was possible to capture hulu videos for offline viewing but I don't recall ho you actually do this.If anyone has any idea on this I'd love to take a look at it.

Asked by razzyray 7 years ago

New communtity gaming channel

I just created a new youtube channel mts gaming and its a gaming communtiy channel for all types of games and consoles,mainly minecraft and COD If you would like to make a video for me or if you have any tutorials spare then please email them to me at or contact me through my youtube channel: Many thanks

Posted by sharlston 6 years ago

Funny videos

Post any videos you find or make such as:

Posted by adamsdead 10 years ago

How can you edit videos that are from a digital camera? Answered

I have an account on youtube and film my videos from a digital Canon camera. i was wondering how i could edit these?

Asked by EPL 9 years ago

Amount of video sections and duration you can use in a single INstructable?

I intend to upload my step-by-step video guide to making a Nintendo N64 console system into a handheld portable device; am currently about 60% completed in the project and uploaded about 10 videos to YouTube to cover the project up to this point.  By the time the project finishes, I could be needing about 20-25 videos, up to 10 mins long each. My intention is to upload the videos to this site for others to see; so my question is this - would I be able to post this volume of videos to this site on one topic; or would I need to put all the videos together? I have only just joined Instructables so a noob here, so would appreciate your comments and advice.  To give an idea of the videos I have for the N64 project so far, Better I ask at this stage! Obviously I intend to upload many other videos in the future, however this biggie might be the first one I upload here.

Posted by MODDEDbyBACTERIA 8 years ago

Household Hacker 2

Looks like we got another Household Hacker type site, only with a MacGyver spin. Check out these ridiculous tech videos:What Would MacGyverDo?

Posted by LazloHollyfield 10 years ago

How do make I light doodles?

I was wondering how to make light doodles like the ones in coldplay's lovers in japan music video. please i would really like to know how so can some one explain it to me?when i say light doodles i mean something like the picture i have in the textvideo:

Asked by jesse8fox1 8 years ago