The name of a anti-infantry weapon...?

I remember reading some time ago about metal spikes that were dropped from planes in one of the major wars(Korean, Vietnam, something like that). I think they were about a foot long maybe, and they were mean as anti-infantry, seeing as they could pierce through helmets easily. The annoying thing about this is that I can't even remember if this is a real or fictional weapon.

Asked by revelae 8 years ago


Any idea how to make weapons

Posted by magiver 10 years ago

ninja weapons

Discuss about the many different ninja weapons and gear!

Posted by plasmaspy 10 years ago

favorite office weapon

What is your favorite office weapon

Posted by EPL 9 years ago

Knex weapons

I Want some knex models based on real weapons.

Posted by DontShoot262 7 years ago

bladed weapons (swords, daggers)

Discuss bladed weapons

Posted by plasmaspy 10 years ago

Updated Weapon Board

I have a quick-made picture of my updated weapon collection.

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

What was the first K'NEX weapon? Answered

Now, i don't mean gun because everybody knows it is the basic knex cannon. I mean out of all weapons. That means RBGs, Grenades, bombs etc.

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

potato gun ammo (1",1.5" and 2")

I made a potato gun and i need ideas for ammo, plz not that shelled golfball thing. thx in advance

Posted by qballcat 9 years ago

submiting my work (cant find it) please help!!!!? Answered

I can tfind my work that i posted. what did i do wrong. i clicked submit at the top of the screen of this web site Its called Zangetsu-prop

Asked by Foam-Smith 6 years ago

Crossbow of craft sticks

As in my previous forum topic, I like to build things. things that destroy other things. I've moved on from paper and am trying to build a crossbow made out of popsicle sticks. If you have any Ideas, Please send them to me, or post up a comment.

Posted by awsome 10 years ago

is a pen gun better with or without a trigger?

I want to know if a pen gun is more powerful with or without a trigger? I added a trigger mechanism to some of my pen guns and it works like this:i drill a hole and put a nail stuck on a peg into it.Then i pull back the rubber bands and lock them on the nail.I just pull back the peg and that releases the rubberbands.

Asked by MFPOSGBCS 8 years ago

weapons that dont exist but should

I was looking at the Uncyclopedia article called ''Weapons that don't exist, but should''. I was thinking if any of you guys can think of new  ones that are not in the article.It could be any thing from suicide sheep to landmines that explode into attack dogs.

Posted by Iwantbigboom 6 years ago

Cardboard Halo Weapons

So these are my halo 3 weapons, made from cardboard. the new ones

Posted by nerfer192 9 years ago

Should I post many small weapons or a few bigger ones? Answered

I'm wondering if I should make several small weapons or a few big weapons.

Asked by K.G.T. 6 years ago

The best of Office weapons

We have all at one time built a weapon out of a pen. There are plenty of Instructables under office supplies that cover booby traps, launchers, and even siege weapons. But some are repeated. Which are the best? Which need more? You decide.

Posted by SpareParts 7 years ago

Your Ideal K'Nex war weapon set?

What would your ideal knex war set be? For: a)1 weapon b)2 weapons c)3 weapons d)4 weapons e)5 weapons f)6 weapons g)7 weapons h)8 weapons It should be shown as below, say you have a 4 weapon war, you would have the weapons from a-d. So, sort of a ranking system of what guns you would use. Mine would be: a)BR18 b)Storm 220 V2 c)Storm 221 V2 d)Jamassault pistol e)TJSG Shotgun (Slideshow soon) f)TJMT - My secret project ;) g)Zak's Assault rifle h)Knexsayer Thanks, hope you join in!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Whats your favorite robot/rc/weapon

Whats your favorite robot,rc,weapon?

Posted by Iwantbigboom 6 years ago

Future Weapons

What would the future weapons look like? Will they use bullets? Most recent innovations in weaponry?

Posted by comodore 10 years ago

what weapon should i make? Answered

I dont know what to make.. weapons like the m4a1 ak47..NO.. no weapons of what this site is full of. i mean weapons like the spas-12-sg552 commando-fn2000-or a sniper like the m39...

Asked by tthomasvd 7 years ago

i need some odd weapon, can someone help? Answered

I have a recipe for coca cola's secret formula. but a weapon would be nice if i encounter a assasin hired by coca cola to keep me from upgrading the formula, can anyone think of a good instructables?

Asked by Trapper777 6 years ago

Hidden Belt Weapon

I was looking in google patents and I found this  I'd love if someone made it.

Posted by jacker234 7 years ago

ninja armour

Discuss ninja armour

Posted by plasmaspy 10 years ago

Favorite knex weapon?

Ok, here's another random thread that asks a simple question. What is your favorite knex gun on the site? My personal favorite is oodalumps' first semi-auto. The one that uses like 20 pieces. It's small, REALLY semi auto, parts efficient, and gets about 10-15 feet in range with a super pathetic band. Now there's got to be some brains behind that project! And it's all around fun to use!!!

Posted by Oompa-Loompa 9 years ago

Need some cool ideas!

Hey there fellow builders, im looking for some cool ideas! I'm compiling a list of instructables to make over the summer, and as you can see by my name, my focus is weaponry! If you have any cool ideas for me please leave them for me here!

Posted by weaponzdesign 7 years ago

How would you be able to make a thumb dagger like the one in the Picture?

I want to make a thumb dagger like the one in the picture, but dont know what tools or materials to use.

Asked by andi456 8 years ago

Projectile devices?

I am thinking of making a projectile device. At the moment I have an unfinished bow that is drying out for a year, and a crossbow made out of office supplies. I was thinking of maybe a coil gun, but it seems a bit complicated. Any ideas?

Asked by dragonfathom 7 years ago

Paper Gun Challenge

ok bros, ive already got one way to make a paper gun fire without blowing which i will publish soon, but if you can come up with another way, then ill bring out the tutorial for my special shotgun.

Posted by penguinparty123 7 years ago

How can you program chip to detect motion using infrared or thermal? Answered

I'm making a Smart Pistol MK5 from the videogame Titanfall and I was thinking if I could use camera from gun to special glasses that could detect motion that uses infrared and/or thermal. My problem is how to code a chip to detect motion.

Asked by EpicNickP 2 years ago

Specifics of building a multi-stage coilgun?

So I recently decided that I wanted to build a coilgun. I already knew how they function, and after some light research, I've got the main design already laid out. What I'm looking for now is some more detailed input on the exact power requirements, circuitry, etc. Specifically: Firing a standard .177 steel BB, I want to use many small coils in series as opposed to one/few large ones. From my understanding, this will provide better end speed while keeping each coil's power draw relatively lower, and thus safer. (Am I right about this?) How many coils should I use, what would be overkill, etc? Each coil will be triggered sequentially by a IR LED/photocell trigger system rigged through tiny holes drilled across the barrel. Will a simple on/off circuit suffice, or will the projectile pass by too quickly for the full charge to release? If so, I assume I need a system to trigger a full discharge when tripped. Correct or not, and if so, how? I'm also considering fitting an extra gate at the end to trigger a circuit to bleed any remaining charge. Ideas on this? What size of capacitors should I use, and how would I charge them? The only thing Google can seem to turn up is camera flash circuits, but I'd much rather have one tailor-built to the system's exact levels. I'm going to use a press/hold switch to charge them, and would like an automatic shutoff with an LED that comes on when they are charged, but turns off when I release the button. Kind of like a camera flash, actually. I'd like to fit it with a re-chargeable battery. What sort of power is required here? How many firings would I likely get per charge, etc? What sort of muzzle velocity can I expect? I don't want to kill bears with it, but soda cans would be nice. I don't want to waste my time fabricating it only to be able to stop it with my eyeball. Lastly, are there any other points of concern or things I should know? Thanks for any input, and if everything ends up coming together nicely, I'll be sure to properly document the process for everyone's enjoyment. :)

Posted by Skye Pyro 5 years ago

Paintball gun as a REAL weapon?

So I have this Idea that you could remove most of the paint from paint balls and add ammonia to use as a weapon. ANY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!

Posted by jajobe81 6 years ago

Knex Halo Weapons

Hey guys if you guys want me to make more halo weapons, which should I make and if I do which ones?

Posted by Soopah Steve 9 years ago

Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008

Vote for your favorite 3 k'nex weapons released in 2008. You may not vote for any of your own designs.VOTING HAS NOW ENDED. PLEASE SEE THE SLIDESHOW YOUR FAVORITE K'NEX WEAPONS 0F 2008.

Posted by Oblivitus 9 years ago

are axes actually considered weapons? Answered

If I use an ax as a weapon, will it wear down twice as fast like if I used a pickaxe, or destroyed a block with a sword?

Asked by tr0lldr0id 1 year ago

Is this technically a weapon?? Answered

I am making my own hidden blade(using a letter opener), and my grandpa told me that if the 'bladed' or sharpened part is under 4", it is not considered a weapon. I am wondering if this is true. I don't plan on using this as a weapon, i am just wondering.

Asked by Iridium7 7 years ago

knex HALO weapons!!!

This forumn is about the production of knex halo weapons. Its bout designing and making actuall working replica s of HALO GUNS!!!! :D YAY

Posted by Baron A 10 years ago

Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosvies

Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosives (WGE) I'm pretty lianian on what goes on here I don't really care as long as its about guns, explosives, or any kind of weapon. I hope you enjoy your stay at WGE and thank you for joining.

Posted by 6Rea6per6 10 years ago

Halo weapons

This forum is solely meant for Halo weapons. This means that if anyone has any pics of Halo weapons made from Knex, talk about Halo weapons made from Knex, and especially instructables of Halo Weapons made from Knex are only allowed on this forum. I can't stop ppl from posting anything other than what was mentioned, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. To start things off, this is a Needler that I made just for looks. (IT DOES NOT SHOOT ANYTHING!!!!) The last image is the front.

Posted by Knexfan 10 years ago

Why do people create K'nex weapons that have pieces that need to be modified? Answered

I have seen a lot of K'nex weapons that have pieces that need to be cut away or broken. I only have a a basic set and so do other people. K'nex weapons should be built with every builder in mind.

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

Airsoft sensor fuzed weapon

I have a private airsoft war coming up and I have an idea of using an airsoft sensor fuzed weapon like the cbu-97 but replace the bomblets with bbs and my son likes military stuff so I want to use the same asfw (airsoft sensor fuzed weapon) as a model for him.

Posted by Iwantbigboom 6 years ago

Cool double weapons

Here is some cool weapon doubles: Magnum dagger AK scissors Blowgun lead pipe Pistol flying guillotine Colt net Railgun sword Railgun warhammer Pump action baseball bat Trident crowbar Pistol machete Railgun mace Railgun chainsaw Rocket war hammer Colt wrench Blowgun chainsaw Razor gun :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

need help with LARP weapon design and construction

Hi crafters.  I'm in need of help with constructing a larp weapon, fighting fan, that could open up with a press of a button or pull of a lever N close itself upon releasing it. could any help me with the design of the mechanics n gear system I could use to make it work? It should not be of electronic nature though. Here I attached a drawing of how the weapon should roughly looks like . i'm thinking of using rounded edge aluminium flat bars(looks like flat metal ruler) as the bone for the 'blades'. Really appreciate the help.

Posted by meowgod 3 years ago

please someone make a knex P90

Title explains it really.

Posted by the dawg 10 years ago

Knex Gun Ideas? What to build next? Answered

Hi everyone im trying to think of a gun to build, but im running short on ideas. Can you please give me ideas of any type of gun you think might be a good gun to make. Any gun idea can be helpful. Thanks for any ideas by the way.

Asked by KnexFreak360 7 years ago

School/Work fun?

Have there ever been a moment for you when oh so boring work/school is actually fun? I have one. This is the only one there is from me. OK, so our school is going to a museum. I came across a very cool shop that sells weapons. I am not only allowed to buy one, my school's best teacher ever Mr.Andy actually bought it for me. ( quite expensive, $75 ). In case you are wondering, the weapon is an ancient native Australian club. It's very strong. I kept smashing stuff with it and it hardly even dent. So, that's my story. What's yours?

Posted by Camisado 9 years ago


Hi, i made a knex weapon that looks like a Famas. I first show it here to you and if there are many people who want i post it then ill do that :) the firing pin wil never bow cause its a red one and its a "special frame" where te firing pin is atached to. Sad enough it has no mag but i found out something that you can put 3 bullets in the barrel and they dont come out of it... Please leave a comment if you like it Thanks ps: sorry, i dont have many pics...

Posted by chombo 10 years ago

How do I build a folding knife?

I am a beginner knife maker but so far I have only made knives with fixed handles. Does anyone know how to build a folding AND locking mechanism for a knife? All help appreciated.

Asked by super moderator 8 years ago