new knex website!!!

hey knexers, go to it is a site about bloging about knex, like this one, but just knex. on it my name is chuck

Posted by thatgreasymechanicguy 7 years ago

New Website Layout

I'm not a fan of the new layout.  I liked having all categories viewable on the homepage, and I found it to be user friendly for my daily visit to the site. Not a fan, Just sayin'........

Posted by Pat_Maroney 5 years ago

how to start a classified ad style website

Im looking to start a classified ad style website that allows users to sign in and post something for sale, sort of like craigslist but for a more specific niche. I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. I found this ClassiPress software taht looks like the stuff I need, but does anyone have any other ideas as the best way to go about doing this?

Asked by laxmaster92 9 years ago

How do I build a website from scratch?

I am trying to set up a website and not having very good luck with it. Any simple instructions? I am using a template, but every time I try to change text or pictures, I end up back at the same home page  and can't see how to make my different tabs open up to display details for each tab. Clueless....Any help would be great.?

Asked by stillson6 5 years ago

How do I use CashCrate?

I'm new at cashcrate, and I don't know how to use it.

Asked by Bandit535 8 years ago

Infinite Scrollin Web Pages

Infinite scrolling webpages are the bane of the internet. Once you get beyond 3-4 screens of results, it is almost impossible to look at an article and get back to where you left. Please go back to multiple pages with a page number menu.

Posted by pwiecek 2 years ago

website blog

Put a link to something recent that is cool and is related to science in any way and i ay write a blog on it in my website.

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Looking for website desginer

I am looking to create a website similar to the site.  Is there any similar software or advice where users could post images, videos and code for their projects?

Posted by dalich 4 years ago

How to convert existing website to wordpress?

Step by step guide for a newbie...liek you are epxlaining it to a housekeeper..dummy it down

Asked by cwpnet 9 years ago

Check Out My Website

I have recently made a website (my first) and I would like if some of you could visit it and tell me what you think of it. Thanks, BulletBird Link:

Posted by DELETED_Minizatic 6 years ago

How much should I charge for designing a website?

I am design a 5 page website for a hotel and I am wondering a good price would be. There is no programming, only html and css.

Asked by askmawuli 7 years ago

how to make a website? Answered

I want to make my own website where i could show my writings or instructables etc.etc.but how can i make it.please answer me thanks for viewing and further answering

Asked by argha halder 4 years ago

how can i make my pc a website host?

I just wondered. maybe i could host my own page instead of pay 2.00 for a website from

Asked by rich4124 8 years ago

change to website address?

Hi, if I choose to create my own website and then later on change my mind and want to hire a professional, will my web address be transportalbe to the new site the professionals created? As you can see I am a complete rookie at this :-)

Asked by chrisdanlee 5 years ago

Review websites - pushing Instructables

As "VanillaXtiffy" said on Jake's Testimonial topic;...when I see a testimonial or a review on the website it's praising, I'm tempted not to believe it. It takes multiple ones on a third party site.He has a point.  So, we need to make sure that there are lots of testimonials to Instructables on other websites.He suggested one site (Jabber) as a review site.Do you know any other website review websites?  The higher the traffic, the better.Post a link, and then we can swamp it with positive reviews pop over for a look.;-)

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Where is the "pick up window" on the TI calculator website?

I am looking for the pick up window on the TI website. Does anyone know where it is?

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

I have heard of about IN as a third knex website, along wiht ibles and KI. What is IN?

Title says it all.  What is the knex website IN, If there is one?  Best answer gets a sub, unless i have already subbed to you.

Asked by TheChemiker 8 years ago

Entire Instructables Website not showing up

I'm having a problem with the entire website in my Firefox browser: any site within the instructables appears as a blank grey or white page. It doesn't even show up on google chached. I've tried deleting my cache and my cookies and it hasn't worked. The website still opens on internet explorer. When I open it on Firefox, it will show up for a second, and then disappear.

Posted by MissMeggo 6 years ago

Are there any other websites similiar to instructables out there? Answered

I know about thinkgeek and hack-a-day already. I was just wondered if there are any more cool ones that could help quench my thirst for innovation. thanks!

Asked by MechEngineerMike 9 years ago

Sell movie on website?

My boss wants to sell his movie on his already existing website.  I don't have much... or any web developing experience, but I'm looking for a way to sell one-time views of this movie from his page.  The key here is that we don't want them to download and keep a file they can watch anytime.  We just want them to pay to see it once.   Please help!

Asked by ksopher 6 years ago

Huzzah! Updated my website with wordpress

After not looking at or dealing with my own personal site for months I finally had to take action because there was a 500 error of some sort. So I took the opportunity to try out wordpress and play with a different structure. It's very minimal! It has big pictures! Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think. I will be filling it with posts about my favorite projects as well as whatever new things I make. My li'l website

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

had a friend ask for help designing a website for his tattoo business, pointers please? Answered

He is hoping to have a side scrolling animation along with drop down tabs.  Also the ability to change pictures embedded with a user comment section.  Trying to go the open source route, but a little money spent could be worth it.  Any pointers? as this is not my strength.  I've done the artwork/graphics for these before just not the code.  Is their some stupid simple drag and click website building site that also looks great?  Yes I want my cake and to eat it too.

Asked by iminthebathroom 6 years ago

Website Selector

Hello everyone I came up with this simple but very useful batch file. Copy the Text you see below and then paste it to notepad and save it as .bat FOR EXAMPLE===> Website Selector.bat COPY   ll   \/ @echo off title Websites color 0a cls :back echo now pick a website!!! echo echo echo echo echo echo SET /p pick= if %pick%==1 goto 1 if %pick%==2 goto 2 if %pick%==3 goto 3 if %pick%==4 goto 4 if %pick%==5 goto 5 if %pick%==6 goto 6 :1 start goto stuff :2 start goto stuff :3 start goto stuff :4 start goto stuff :5 start goto stuff :6 start goto stuff :stuff echo press 1 to go back to choosing a website or 2 to exit SET /p go= if %go%==1 goto back if %go%==2 goto exit :back goto back :exit goto end :end exit

Posted by el-xavi26 5 years ago

my jango account?

My jango account wont play music

Asked by robertjames 7 years ago

How much do you think makes a year?

How about, make magazine? name your favorite blog here I'm kinda clueless on web statistics, traffic counting, demographics etc but I find it amazing. Anyone know roughly what a few popular websites make? thanks

Posted by FreakCitySF 10 years ago

what has happened to the site?

The site is no longer easy to use for simple ques. Where do you enter your search?

Asked by CHIEFGR8TWOLF 8 years ago

check this out!!!!!!!!

Now that I have got everyones attention I have created a group on bebo about instructables

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Hello! :D I was just wondering if any other instructablers were on I would be more than happy to read your writings if you are!

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

sub-pictures of projects not working, is this happening to everyone?

I read an article, click the sub pictures of a step and nothing happens. I this a bug?

Asked by unbottled19208306 6 years ago

where's a good site for Philips wiring diagrams/schematics?

looked hi and low online to no avail, Philips cust. support is no help at all Lkg. for a boombox schematic in particular

Asked by kalanikaau 7 years ago

can we have the old search back on instructables?

I liked the search that pulled up the pictures to each instructable, not a google search engine list of the site... It just seemed easier...?

Asked by tcase 8 years ago

I didn't break it!

It wasn't me, but somebody seems to have broken the internet. Maybe dented it a bit. This site is fine, but the BBC keeps timing out, and I've noticed that several adverts here are doing the same. Any ideas or comments?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Anyone know

Currently I am viewing this site. They are an online retailer of daily consumer electronics. Similiar to, they are also providing worldwide free shipping and cheap price. All I wanna know is they are reliable site or not... Thanks!

Asked by wanderer777 8 years ago

Talking ads on instructables

Is anybody else getting talking ads that cannot be turned off on their instructables articles. To me, this is a complete no-no. I appreciate that the instructables team have to make money, but there is already enough ads without this. It is invasive of other people who happen to be around you and invasive of you too.

Posted by pau1han 2 years ago

Where's View All Steps?

Since the recent format changes including the new "favorite" feature, I haven't had much time to view instructables.  Now I can't find the View All Steps on one page feature.  Did that go away, or is it just in a less obvious place?

Asked by RaptorWing 5 years ago

how can i get to myspace in school because i tried to look on google but there still blocked!!?

I need help i wanna noo how to get on myspace at school because dont workkk and dont work so helppp

Asked by 9 years ago

eMachineShop prototyping? Wudja know?

Hello Citizens of Instructables Land, Has anyone had any experience in dealing with eMachineShop? How does it compare to other forms of prototyping services? How easy is their custom CAD application to learn? How much do the parts tend to cost? Is it worth the effort to get involved?thanks,Randy

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Is there a place on Instructables that I could view a stream of 'most recent instructables' ? Answered

I would like to see a feed of all instructables submitted in more-or-less chronological order regardless of whether they are featured or not.  Does something like that exist?  If there isn't, could you guys have a 'master list' section where you can see everything as it comes in without having to look up each individual category?

Asked by phish814 7 years ago

Will there ever be a way to follow Q&A that you've answered? Answered

Since I started looking at Instructables it has always said, "(Sorry, we don't have a way for you to view them, yet.)."  Will there ever in this lifetime be a way to follow or follow up on questions that one has answered besides the brute force method of looking up the questions individually.  It's basically the same thing as the comment system on other people's Instructables after all.

Asked by TANZMEISTER 6 years ago

Typo on All Class Pages

Https:// &etc... "Upgrade to Premium today for access to classes, as well as other great benefits like instructable PDF downolads, ad free browsing, partner discounts, and more!" This is included on the description page for every class: Upgrade to Premium today for access to classes, as well as other great benefits like instructable PDF downolads, ad free browsing, partner discounts, and more!

Posted by BrandonC102 1 year ago

My instructables doesn't show up in the search

Hi folks, I posted an instructables yesterday and its still not coming up in the main site or searchable. There has been a lot of discussion on boingboing and other sites on the project, but no access to instructables. It would be really nice to have it be accessible so people can refer to it. Normally it only takes a few hours. Help!;.) thanks. here's the direct link:

Posted by splnlss 7 years ago