wifi radar Answered

Is there any way to make a rotating wifi antenna and it stops when it hits a strong signal? 

Asked by Krayzi99 6 years ago

WiFi Jammer fom a WiFi router?

Is it possible to copy the settings of a WiFi network onto another router. Then have the device try and connect to the router without any internet? Therefore blocking the internet from the device.

Asked by thepaul93 7 years ago

wifi usb key receiver+strainer+length of cable+wifi router=my apartment has wifi?

Will it work (with/without a usb-ethernet adapter) or at all?

Asked by sacredbean 7 years ago

WiFi through Bluetooth?

If I have an iPhone that has internet access everywhere, can it transmit the internet to an iPad?

Asked by yonch 5 years ago

how to make Wifi reciever ?

  Email me - superbursihido@gmail.com PLz i realy need your help!

Asked by superbursihido 8 years ago

How to create a device to accept wifi?

Hey guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to create a device to work on wifi? If so, may you guide me to the instructions. Thanks a million!

Asked by zd1lkh4n 6 years ago

how to activate the wifi on my t528g?

I turned it on,but nothing happens. what else do i do?

Asked by maggiebetzable 6 years ago

Easily connect to wifi at home but at some wifi cafes wont connect

I have had no problem connecting to my home wifi but I am having problems at some wifi networks at cafes in my town. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 notebook. This problem has started up recently. it is unpredictable when I cannot connect to the wifi network at my favorite cafes. I have checked the passwords and they are all correct. I get this message: Connected to wifi network but above it says No connection to the internet. When I open up my browser...either chrome or firefox there is no connection. Can someone hlep me solve this problem.

Asked by williejwillie 3 years ago

problem facing to access my wifi in my lapi..?

I m facing problem to access wifi connection in my lapi. my wifi password is 10 digit and in my lapi shows to enter only 8 digit so how can i connect internet in my laptop?

Asked by Mirza RaFiA 2 years ago

WIFI booster?

 I have my wireless router at my desk on the second floor of my home. House is concrete and re-bar would like to have wifi through out the house what would the best way to go.? Jeff ( jeffandtrishlaplaca@yahoo.com)

Asked by jtlaplaca 8 years ago

How do I know if someone is using my WIFI?

I have WIFI in my house and I am the only one who uses it. How would I know if someone else is using it?

Asked by pagangod 8 years ago

what can i do with an old wifi card?

So i got some old laptop/pc parts. i really think something awesome can be done with thesi wifi cards. can thry be used autonimously from the laptop? how hard would it be to make it into a usb wifi adapter? any links to quality information appreciated.

Posted by jbrown79 5 years ago

how to connect wifi network?

My laptop catches wifi network showing excellent signal level but whenever i tried to connect it shows limited or no connectivity. what could be reason and how to connect it,is there any way to get the network ip address and to manually connect.my laptop is lenovo y510 52q.

Asked by rachit59 7 years ago

Laptop sees but won't connect to home wifi network, but can connect to other wifi networks?

My Vaio laptop with XP won't connect to the home WiFi network, which it used to no problem, although it connects fine to other WiFi networks outside the home. Same problem with the iPhone 4s - these were the only two wireless devices home when the problem started. The main PC hooked up to the router still has internet access, and other household laptops and mobile devices can still use the WiFi. I have tried resetting the router to no avail, as well as disconnecting from the network and reconnecting.

Asked by w1288771 5 years ago

My Laptop won't detect any wifi connetion im a meter away from the router and im using Ethernet Cable right now. :(

I usually use the cable since my experience with it is better than wifi connection. currently i'm using cable :( 

Asked by Elizandro PaulC 1 year ago

our laptops connect to the home wifi but nothing else does?

Laptops connect to home Wifi and previously ipad, kindle, playTV and iphone did too. Now tablets, TV and phones connect sporadically usually for under a minute and then off again. Have deleted network on devices and then put back on without any luck. Phones etc connect to other wifi networks (work and public ones) Any suggestions?

Asked by jacana07 4 years ago

which wiifi dongle to purchase?

I plan to purchase usb wifi dongle but iam confuse that the term 802.11n/a/b/g ,i searched on net that most wifi dongle is 802.11g ,so is that meaning they will only catch 802.11g network,please also notify me weather wifi dongle supports packet capture and packet sending capabilities?

Asked by rachit59 7 years ago

Anyone know of something to replace a RP-SMA wifi antenna?

I am missing the antenna for a Linksys PCI card in my desktop and I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to replace it. Thanks

Asked by michaeld1 9 years ago

Will this get me a better wifi signal?

I've been looking through a lot of the wifi ibles. My computer in on the other side of the building from the router and I'm trying get a stronger signal. Before I permanently damage my wireless card antenna, would using alligator clips to connect my antenna to a roll of wire or something work?

Asked by NunchakuMan 9 years ago

wifi extension

Hello all! i need some help, is there a way i can make my wifi signal stronger without modifying my router, i normaly like to research/ play games in my room, where i only get 3/4 out of 5 bars. the router is under a tv and directly iv front of a wall separating me from it a simple map looks like this                                                                                         me                                                                            ----------------------------------------|                                                                           | 10 ft  thick wall (wood and sheetrock)                                                                           |                                                                           |                                                                           ----------------------------------------                                                                                                    router

Posted by Di Immortales 2 years ago

Everything connects to wifi but my PC.?

I recently moved into a new apartment and after receiving the code to the wifi that is included I started connecting all my devices. My xbox 360 connected flawlessly as well as my Droid 3. But my PC simply will not connect, I am running Windows 7 64bit with a Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter. Quick note: I have checked that IPv4/IPv6 are set to automatically set to obtain IP Addressees and the DNS Server.

Asked by CBriere91 5 years ago

can i boost wifi with outside hd directional antenna?

I have a cricket modem and a outdoor hd directional antenna can i somehow run coaxial cable to modem and get a better signal? If not . what is the best way to go about increasing signal strength, while being cost effective?

Asked by 9 years ago

Hi does any one know how I could make a amplifier for my wifi network Answered

Hi does any one know how I could make a amplifier for my wifi network, I want to make it so it can reach my friends house which is about 2.4 km in a straight line?

Asked by Sev the Sniper 9 years ago

How do I get my WiFi to connect to more than one laptop?

I have windows 7 ! I have a problem with my router. I can only use 1 laptop on it at a time. If my daughter tries to get her's on the router, it kicks us both off! It won't let us use anymore than just one.. but I can use WiFi on my phone! Why is this happening?? I just got a wireless printer and can't seem to figure out why I can't use both. The laptop and wireless printer! Thanks for you time

Asked by shelllady338 3 years ago

Wifi Connection Problem-can see all available networks-but simply can't connect to my home network now-worked til yes'da

I was using my home wifi connection(wap2 secured) to connect to internet through my laptop till last day, then it stopped all of a sudden. I can see all available networks in the range including my home network but simply can't connect. After the password is typed for the home network, it will try to connect but can't connect.The only message i get is that "your computer can't connect to any of the prefered networks".My operating system is XP S3.What shall I do to get connected?

Asked by johnsamuel1 2 years ago

Why can't I connect my laptop to my wifi?

When I got my Internet provider my hubby was able to receive a connection but once I tried to connect all I get is "unidentified network". It stats: "you are connected to --- but cannot access the Internet. " can someone help me figure this out? I've tried just about everything. I even contacted my Internet provider and they are baffled so it doesn't look good lol.  Please help!!!!

Asked by RockerQueen83 3 years ago

Imac help?

I have an Imac as my desktop. I also use a chomebook an a aspire at home. The wifi connection isn't working for chromebook or aspire (laptops). I've already checked the connections. I've also rebooted the router. Still no success. I don't know what else I can do to fix these issues. Help me please. Thanks

Asked by shecola.pettiford 3 years ago

Hi, I currently have an antenna in form of 12" dish and alfa 1w ?

Hi, I currently have an antenna in form of 12" dish and alfa 1w usb nic with 5db eboit antenna in the middle and I get signal far 1km range but I will be moving to an half island and there is internet about 1.5 km away. is the fallowing antenna any better then my setupp? can you compare. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/980000g-6000mw-802-11b-g-54mbps-usb-2-0-wifi-wireless-network-adapter-w-antenna-66385 thank you fellow wifi geeks.. Al

Asked by celalboz 6 years ago

how can i get my acer aspire 10 to connect to home network? it connects to other wifis but not my home network

Ok so i cant get my acer aspire 10 connected to my home internet iv tried so much and nothing helps it connected to a friends wifi in seconds and it just wont connect to my home network and im clearly using the home network right now to post this so its obviously working my cell is connected to it too so its just very irritating please help me i am loosing my mind :S

Asked by leeann.swaggz 3 years ago

I have an old 48" CB whip antenna Can I modify it and use it for a wifi antenna or anything else you can imagine? Answered

Its a white antenna CB whip Antenna that my dad use when he was a long haul truck driver. I kinda understand that CB & wifi are close in theory. If I can use it, it would be a fitting tribute to him. It was my father who always inspired me to always look beyond the standard and as he always told me, " If you can read, & not afraid to ask questions, you can do anything."  Here are some pics: http://img88.imageshack.us/g/topofantenna.jpg/

Asked by ColdScorpion 8 years ago

wep hack 4 ds?

Does any1 know of a way to use a protected WEP network thru ds without knowing the password?

Asked by sparx01 9 years ago

Is this wireless router good for lag free gaming? Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GL .

I want to buy that router but I want to know if its good for lag free gaming.

Asked by winslow121 8 years ago

Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter Modem

In my area there is a free WiFi.. but the main router too far from my house - around 500 meter...i try to make antenna as i found in this web.. The PROBLEM.... when i put my antenna top of my house (around 15 meter and extend the usb cable) and Iusing Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter, my pc cannot detect the adapter. any idea ? or should i replace to another adapter.. my pc processor is Amd Athlon & using Abit Mainboard - 2.0 usb hub help me please...

Asked by koma4194 9 years ago

My WiFi connection wont work on my desktop but it does on all my other devices.

On my desktop I can't seem to get internet no matter what network I try. I've tried giving myself a mobile hotspot and even that doesn't work. When I try and connect it either says no internet, or connected, even though I can't google / do anything with internet. Occasionally I will get 5 kb of internet for a second and then nothing which occasionally lets me load a quick google result before telling me I have no internet. I have tried rebooting / restarting the router, so please don't tell me that's the answer. All my other devices can connect just fine so I don't know what to do. Computer Info: Windows 10 Realtek RTL8811AU Wireless LAN 822.11ac USB 2.0 Network  I have both VirtualBox and VMware installed, but I have used them for a long time with no issue.

Asked by StevenP157 8 months ago

HELP I have a wireless router and the power isnt on.

I have I router that doesn't turn on. its a d-link model dir-600 wireless 150. it doesn't have a power button but is supposed to turn on as you plug it in. I think it might have blown a fuse but im not sure. please help!!

Asked by winslow121 8 years ago

How to Change an USB WebCam to a Wi-Fi WebCam using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter?

I have an ASUS USB-N10 EZ N Network USB Adapter & a Frontech Opal WebCam. Is there any way to Change the WebCam's USB Connection Type to Wi-Fi using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter & External Power Source?

Asked by SatyajitMishra 5 years ago

BiQuad antenna, connector part name help needed.?

I have a N-connector you see in the pictures and part I need to connect it to my alfa 1w nic, what is the connector meets the n-connector in the picture, n-male on one side and rpsma plug on one. What is the name of describied part that connects to my N-connector pictured? thanks Al

Asked by celalboz 6 years ago

Control robot with wifi?

Hello guys do you have any ideas how can i Control robot with wifi using arduino and a wifi shield

Asked by omarb22 2 years ago

wifi robot controller

Is it possible to modify a Meade ext motorized telescope to work throw a WiFi network?

Posted by jateku 6 years ago

WiFi to Ethernet adapter?

I'm trying to wire my house up with WiFi but the computer that i have now doesn't support WiFi (as in there is no way to get a signal). I there an adapter that plugs into my Ethernet jack in my computer that allows it to use WiFi?

Asked by Clayton H. 8 years ago

PSP wifi upgrade

Somebody needs to figure out how to upgrade the crappy psp wifi internal antenna!

Posted by thefonz101 10 years ago

Cheapest way to connect arduino with wifi

Can anybody tell me the cheapest way to connect an arduino over internet via wifi

Posted by amansinghaljpr 3 years ago

How to boost the wifi range of a nintendo ds? Answered

How to boost the wifi range of a nintendo ds?

Asked by treinengek 9 years ago