Here you can talk about the wii the. The good things and the bad things about the wii. The good games and the bad games. Anything about the wii.

Posted by luke96 8 years ago

how to download wii games covers on the wii?

How do you get the pictures of the game to download onto your wii console

Asked by goldi1835 8 years ago

Linux on Wii?

Is there any linux with a GUI for the Wii? Ubuntu would be cool! -joespicnictables

Asked by joespicnictables 6 years ago

how do i downgrade my wii to 3.2?


Asked by 9 years ago

can you use dial up internet with the wii?

I dont have a router  and dont want to buy one just 4 the wii

Asked by skipster2 7 years ago

can my wii brick up if i mess up while installing homebrew channel ??

Can my wii brick up if i mess up installing homebrew channel ??  and will it function normally aft installing ? nd can i update my wii without hassles aft i install it ??

Asked by akash.rao 7 years ago

Installing ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011). when trying to load up the wii I get this any clues?

Installing ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011). when trying to load up the wii I get this any clues?

Asked by stuart1610 8 years ago

can any 1 plz help me with the software for wii Answered

I already have Homebrew channel installed on my wii ,but have nothing on my ds card eg files. what Iam wanting to know is what files and folders do i need Ive trye'd a few things from watching youtube but carn't seem to have any luck thanks.

Asked by willma1 8 years ago

sensor bar pinout? Answered

Hey is anyone in the possesion or knows the wii sensorbar pinout? im attempting to make a usb adaptor for it, but i dont want to cut the cord to splice

Asked by Krayzi99 6 years ago

Wiimote signal through an internet connection?

Has anyone ever tried sending the signal from a wiimote through an internet connection (using a laptop at either end with bluetooth capability) to sync up with another wii?

Asked by Undaunt 8 years ago

wii controler is broke wont tune on?

I checked the battires.  it is the remote that came with the wii is there a nother way to play it?

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

knex wii zapper

This is my knex wii zapper. Soon i will make instructions for it. This will be my first instructable

Posted by mr. popo 10 years ago

Nintendo wii to nintendo DSI game transfer

Can you transfer a game from the nintendo wii to an SD card and then play it on a nintendo DSI?

Asked by woodsRAIDER007 8 years ago

How can we connect wii to a PC monitor?

How can we connect wii to a PC monitor?

Asked by jose candon 9 years ago

About how long is the cord for the wii speak accessory? Answered

I'm thinking about getting the wii speak accessory, but first I would like to know how long the cable is.

Asked by rubberchicken 8 years ago

Wii Dilemma (Wiilemma?) Wii have a problem!!!

I just bought a year old used wii. I am worried. I have wi-fi. I want to use the wii with wi-fi. I had read that when the wii launched, a wiiconnect24 update made some wii units completely unusable! I am worried. The people who I bought it from never used wi-fi on the wii. It had a 1 year warranty, which expires in about 3 weeks. I got a good deal on the wii, so shut up. Question: If I update it now, will it crash??

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Wii Steering wheel?

Does somebody want to make an instructable on a K'NEX steering wheel for the wii? I am not very good with K'NEX, I'll leave it at that. Thanks -Jawn

Posted by thatjawn 10 years ago

Whos getting black ops for the wii?

Just wondering, whos getting black ops for the wii? im getting it the day it comes out.

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

Electronic drums/real drums to wii

How do you hook up an electronic drum set ( medeli dd402 if that helps) to a Wii

Asked by GreenIce101 5 years ago

Is MW3 coming out on the wii?

Just wondering, is MW3 definitely coming out on the wii?

Posted by ~KGB~ 6 years ago

How to fix a broken Wii?

My Wii broke down so that it doesn't recieve signal from the controllers. can you help? p.s. i've tried replacing the batteries.

Asked by nerd97 6 years ago

wii game?

Because i got into a good high school my mums getting a nintendo wii and she sed that i can pick a game but im stuck i was thinking skate IT and can you use a wii fit balance board with it or do you need a special one???

Asked by knexdude152 9 years ago

How can I convince my parents to get a Wii?

Ok, so I want a wii. Parents won't let me get one. HELP!!!

Asked by Mermaids_R_Real 6 years ago

Is the Wii Worth it?

I always thought the wii wasn't for me. I find a lot of elements...stupid and useless... I've had multiple chances to own a wii, but have turned them down... Lately a couple of good games have come out, but not enough to convince me to buy it though. So, do you think the wii is worth buying?

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

My Wii will no longer play Wii games. What's going on?

I've had my Wii for a little over a year now. It just stopped playing Wii games about a month ago, but it still continues to play Gamecube games perfectly fine. I haven't tried modding it or anything, it just stopped working out of the blue. What is wrong with it? And is there anything I can do? (It's not under warranty anymore...)

Asked by moviemagicman33 9 years ago

Knexers who play call of duty 4 or 5 on wii.

Just wondering if any knexers play call of duty 4 or 5 online on the wii?

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

Ethernet to USB Wii Adaptor

My sister finally unboxed our Wii after it just sitting there for a few months and shes been bugging me to connect it to the internetz. So anyway Nintendo being Nintendo they made the Wii without a Ethernet port so I was thinking I could just make a Ethernet to USB adaptor. Would this work with my Wii?

Posted by emuman4evr 9 years ago

Animal Crossing City Folk

Anybody heard of it? Animal Crossing City Folk Wii. It comes with the new Wii Speak! I dont know if its like 50 $ or 60$ Probaly around that. Well it here are it's release dates : NA November 16, 2008 JP November 20, 2008 EU December 5, 2008 AUS December 13, 2008 And it's also online and you can talk and hang out with people around the world! So who's gonna get it and whos not? RANDOMNESSSS!!!!!!!!

Posted by Owenmon 9 years ago

how to install adobe flash player on the wii?

It says you cant but there must be a way around it

Asked by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Wii laser replacement help?

I have succesfully replaced the laser in my wii... sort of. When I put a disc in to try, the wii could read it but once i clicked "play", it would sit there and make an odd sort of clicking noise like something was trying to move but couldn't. Earlier when putting the disc drive back into the wii, a spring a little less than a centimeter popped out but I ahve no idea where it came from. Could this be the problem? And if so, where does it go?

Asked by airsofter1 6 years ago

How can I make a cardboard stand for my wii (to hold remotes, nunchucks, controllers, wheel, zapper)?

Want to hold two remotes, two nunchucks, a classic controller, a gamecube controller, a wii wheel, and a wii zapper.

Asked by ceninant 9 years ago

why is my wii controler not working?

i all ready changed the battries and i don't know what is rong ?.!?.!?.!

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

how do you troubleshoot/repair wii-mote that will not show lights with fresh batteries?

My childrens wii-mote stopped showing any sign of life at all.  I was hoping I'd find a guide showing a disassembly and possible troubleshooting steps.

Asked by lburkhardt 7 years ago

wii v. xbox 360

Please no discussion, just a vote. I do not care if you even know what they are just cast a vote. I am going to buy one but I do not know which. First to 20, I buy. Go. Wii or Xbox 360

Posted by tomonto 9 years ago

I cant find any way to get free wii points

I don't know how to get free points. Please help. Any websites, anything. I'll try anything to get free wii points. Please help me!!!!

Posted by jchar77 9 years ago

is call of duty 4 for wii multiplayer? Answered

 i have the game but when i go to multiplayer it only lets me go online to play... can anyone help

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago

Arduino help?

Wod any of you guys know how use Arduino with wii. ideas? Innnstructables?

Asked by vodo 9 years ago

Wii Animal crossing friend codes

I play ac cf (thats city folk version) on the wii and i wanted to trade friend codes with anyone who owns a wii i think that my town is pretty cool but needs more trees so if you do come to my town bring a fruit so i can plant it and you will recieve 5,000 bells for 1 fruit that is not a coconut or peach my friend code on ac is 1934-8269-8544 my wii friennd code is 5299 5667 3682 8193 please reply back with animal crossing friend code and wii friend code THANKS : - )

Posted by nbagf 7 years ago