The Xbox

 Could you take a XBOX hard drive and plug it into a regular computer mobo and just use your computer as an XBOX.

Posted by 8 years ago

Knexing on xbox

Does anybody else knex on their xbox. im writing this from my xbox right now.

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 5 years ago

xbox computer? Answered

So i want to install linux on an old xbox any suggestions

Asked by abadfart 9 years ago

How do I dislodge a xbox cd from in the disc drive?

Xbox game disc is stuck in the xbox unit.

Asked by Karetuarua 3 years ago

where can i download xbox iso files?

Where can i download xbox iso files, preferably torrents.(xbox original)

Asked by 9 years ago

Using an iPad as a wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 fat?

How can I use my iPad as an wireless adapter for my Xbox 360 fat?

Asked by Dawsondanielhensley 5 years ago

my xbox 360 wont read my games but they are not scratched what can i do to fix this?

I put the game in the xbox but it doesnt read it

Asked by 8 years ago

How to soft mod xbox?

How do you soft mod a xbox with out using splinter cell is this possible. I want to mod my (normal) xbox so that i can copy games when i put them into the disk drive. Can i use a computer instead of a xbox memory stick. Is this possible?

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

How do i get on Xbox live?

I dont know how to set it up.

Asked by dbrown225 6 years ago

What can i do with an original xbox? Answered

 I have two original xbox's and would like something to do with them as they are just lying there. It is ONLY the console, no wires or controllers

Asked by Chucklingagain 8 years ago


Hey. I am happy to open up an Xbox group. If you like to mod or just like xbox, you you join.

Posted by Akira7 10 years ago

How do you connect your laptop to your xbox 360?

To load music and stuff onto my xbox 360 from my laptop. How do i do that?

Asked by 8 years ago

how to get xbox 360 games on swagbucks? Answered

On this website called swagbucks you can buy stuff by earning points anyone who has one could you tell me how to get to xbox 360 games because i look it up but it just gives me an xbox 360

Asked by justus198 5 years ago

how to hook up xbox using ethernet cord on dial up internet ha?

I have a laptop with a virgin m obile broadband 2 go. want to hook up my xbox to it

Asked by jjenharley 7 years ago

Original Xbox "Needs service"

My Xbox says it needs service in multiple languages when i turn it on. I checked with customer support, and i can't do anything without calling the number. Is there anything i can do without calling?

Asked by TyMan210 8 years ago

How to play games from the xbox hardrive?

Hi i recently softmoded my xbox. I have a hole heap of save game files on my xbox and i was woundering if i can use these files, to play the actual games. Or do i still need the actual disk to do so. And if i still need the disk can you still please tell me how to copy the games. Please note this is an origanal Xbox.

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

red ring of death?

How to fix the red ring of death on you're xbox 360

Asked by chingon2013 9 years ago

how do u mod a CG xbox 360 remote without have to do a spit fire install?

How do u mod a CG xbox 360 remote without have to do a spit fire install? a more simplified way

Asked by 9 years ago

how can i play roms on an original xbox? ( without modding any thing)?

I've been wanting to play halo on my xbox(not 360), but i dont gots no moneys to get halo... so i need a way to play games i downloaded off the internet..

Asked by mastuhcheef007 8 years ago

Xbox 360 red ring issue. not a generic issue please help?

I have an issue with an xbox, it has the 3 red flashing rings. but has no fans, drive or or other wise motherboard power. the fans will not run, the drive will not open or close, and the heat sinks do not become warm. so therefore no cpu or Gpu are not active. The display for the xbox is blank, no e47 issue writting just blank. just wondering if anyone has had this issue or knows of a fix?

Asked by slimguy379 8 years ago

How do i get my parents to give me my xbox back?

I tryed rasieng my grades and beeing more mature how else can i deal with it?

Asked by areospace 5 years ago

how can i get the rapidfire mod on my xbox (not360) controllerwithout any of those stupid microchips or soldering?

I want to pwn my friend at halo 1 using the pistol, but i cant shoot fast enough...

Asked by mastuhcheef007 8 years ago

how can i mod my xbox (not 360) controller to shoot really fast in Halo(without chips or soldering)?

I dont got any of those fancy microcontrollers, and i dont have the slightest clue how to solder...

Asked by mastuhcheef007 8 years ago

green purple orange and grey??

Hi. i building a portable Xbox original and discovered a green a orange and a grey cable coming from the converter. so here's the question. what are they doing???

Asked by Dannne11 7 years ago

I replaced the dvd drive with another one from xbox but now it only plays movies it does not recinize any of the games.

I replace the dvd drive with the same modle from a different xbox but now it only plays movies it will not work with any of my games. Is there something else I have to do to get it to reconize the games

Asked by 8 years ago

how can i install the ORIGINAL xbox firmware on a clean hard drive?

I felt like playing my old xbox a couple of days ago and when i turned it on it was ticking and making weird scratchy noises so i opened it up took the hard drive out of the box (still connected to the motherboard) and turned it on and the noises were coming from the hard drive i want to put in a new hard drive but i dont know how i can get the xbox firmware on it or if anyone can give me different software like one that can play burned games because my games are a little scratched  oh and i need the program to be US Region  thanks to all the helpers (sorry for my english if i got something wrong)

Asked by mikeytech 7 years ago

X box 360 disc problem- The laser disc quit playing games.

I called the company and they said it was off waranty but that the laser disc needs to be realigned. Is this something that someone with computer knowledge can do for me at home?

Asked by 9 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up a dazzle platinum to play 60hz games like MW2 (I live in the UK)?

I have double sided av cables, splitters you name it i've got it i just need help as it says no input signal availiable

Asked by The Science Guy 7 years ago

press power, buttons light up blue and thats it. The digital screen flashes blue for a split seco

Press power, buttons light up blue and thats it. The digital screen flashes blue for a split second when I press power and then remains blank. Nothing else works. No sounds like the fan or anything.?

Asked by asuku 8 years ago

how do i fix the open tray problem on a philips benq on a 360?

I have been having problems with my 360 reading disks. When ever i put a game in it say reading then it say open tray. I have to hit the top of the 360 in order for it to read it . Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Asked by haloretad 9 years ago

hi. i just got a 360 for christmas. i was wondering if it would be feasible to install an externally powered fan. Answered

 i thought that i could take off one side of the case (so as not to damage the original case and void the warranty), and make a new case piece that has an externally powered bank of computer fans to cool the console... would this damage the other fans? I am trying to prolong the life of this one for as long as possible... i only play it several hours a week,  so it isnt on all the time.

Asked by ilpug 8 years ago