The Xbox

 Could you take a XBOX hard drive and plug it into a regular computer mobo and just use your computer as an XBOX.

Posted by 8 years ago

Knexing on xbox

Does anybody else knex on their xbox. im writing this from my xbox right now.

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 5 years ago

xbox computer? Answered

So i want to install linux on an old xbox any suggestions

Asked by abadfart 8 years ago

Xbox to xbox 360?

I had a racing wheel for the original xbox, and was wondering if there was anything that I could do to use it with the 360. It was a wired wheel. It was an official  Microsoft xbox wheel. I would appreciate the help!

Asked by kcls 8 years ago

Instructable xbox playdate?

Does anyone think instructables should have a community playdate on xbox live? i think that would be cool.

Posted by octopuscabbage 8 years ago

Xbox Live Gamertags

Post your xbox live gamertags here! Mine: bak3n

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago

Xbox 360 built in controller mic

I have a xbox 360 controller,wire to xbox 360 headset,and an orignal xbox head set.Can I Put the headset in the controller and the mic?

Posted by nameless 10 years ago

Xbox Mods

Share Your ideas for modding please!

Posted by MajorRockstar7 8 years ago

How do I dislodge a xbox cd from in the disc drive?

Xbox game disc is stuck in the xbox unit.

Asked by Karetuarua 2 years ago

where can i download xbox iso files?

Where can i download xbox iso files, preferably torrents.(xbox original)

Asked by 8 years ago

Old xbox, xbox 360 hardrive(20g) WITH cable that attaches to xbox 360, What to do?

I want to make something with my original xbox and a xbox 360 20gb harddrive, Im willing to use other things. I just need ideas, Ive already made a computer in a xbox case, it works :D but I need more Ideas, can anyone help?

Asked by BobbyTheNerd 7 years ago


How much would someone pay for a home theatre pc in an original xbox case

Posted by 2685866 7 years ago

How to make a mod chip for xbox? Answered

Is there a way to make an xbox mod chip out of a microcontroller that I can program and solder onto my original xbox?

Asked by ALogan97 7 years ago

Xbox video kinect help

On Xbox 360 if you are using video kinect to view somones webcam through msn, could i use a xbox vision camera on xbox video kinect so they could see me?

Asked by Lord Parry 6 years ago

xbox 360

Can i wire a usb to a regular xbox controller and use it on the 360

Posted by M1TCH3LL 11 years ago

xbox games?

Hey guys wondering what games are good for xbox 360 that are under teen i like to keep it respectfull 

Asked by tinker234 6 years ago

can you connect to xbox live with dial up?

Can u use dial up to connect to xbox live

Asked by jakedasnake96 8 years ago

Xbox live question

Hi guys, I want to know will a xbox live membership bought in the UK work on my xbox in Ireland (ROI) I would make a good saving by paying for it on

Asked by chrizw123 7 years ago

Xbox 360 FAIL

How much does it cost for Microsoft to ship a box coffin for an Xbox 360?the Xbox's warranty is out of date... it hasn't been openedthanks

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

Original Xbox fried, any ideas?

I seem to have fried my original  Xbox but I tested the power strip and the cord is fine, are there any other things that could make my Xbox not power on?

Asked by shikinteki 8 years ago

J Tagged xbox 360 info

Hey will pay top dollar for a j taggable xbox or INFO on how to play with it on xbox live, can western union the money or paypal it to you,email me

Posted by testen500 7 years ago

Using an iPad as a wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 fat?

How can I use my iPad as an wireless adapter for my Xbox 360 fat?

Asked by Dawsondanielhensley 5 years ago

my xbox 360 wont read my games but they are not scratched what can i do to fix this?

I put the game in the xbox but it doesnt read it

Asked by 8 years ago

How to soft mod xbox?

How do you soft mod a xbox with out using splinter cell is this possible. I want to mod my (normal) xbox so that i can copy games when i put them into the disk drive. Can i use a computer instead of a xbox memory stick. Is this possible?

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

How do i get on Xbox live?

I dont know how to set it up.

Asked by dbrown225 6 years ago

What can i do with an original xbox? Answered

 I have two original xbox's and would like something to do with them as they are just lying there. It is ONLY the console, no wires or controllers

Asked by Chucklingagain 8 years ago


Hey. I am happy to open up an Xbox group. If you like to mod or just like xbox, you you join.

Posted by Akira7 10 years ago

How do you connect your laptop to your xbox 360?

To load music and stuff onto my xbox 360 from my laptop. How do i do that?

Asked by 8 years ago

how to get xbox 360 games on swagbucks? Answered

On this website called swagbucks you can buy stuff by earning points anyone who has one could you tell me how to get to xbox 360 games because i look it up but it just gives me an xbox 360

Asked by justus198 5 years ago

how to hook up xbox using ethernet cord on dial up internet ha?

I have a laptop with a virgin m obile broadband 2 go. want to hook up my xbox to it

Asked by jjenharley 7 years ago

Original Xbox "Needs service"

My Xbox says it needs service in multiple languages when i turn it on. I checked with customer support, and i can't do anything without calling the number. Is there anything i can do without calling?

Asked by TyMan210 8 years ago

How to play games from the xbox hardrive?

Hi i recently softmoded my xbox. I have a hole heap of save game files on my xbox and i was woundering if i can use these files, to play the actual games. Or do i still need the actual disk to do so. And if i still need the disk can you still please tell me how to copy the games. Please note this is an origanal Xbox.

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

red ring of death?

How to fix the red ring of death on you're xbox 360

Asked by chingon2013 8 years ago