Need help with Xcode Answered

Okay so I'm new to Xcode and programming so this question may seem very stupid. Here's my code. Basically the problem is that I can't get decimal numbers to print out... I know it' s really stupid. If you go to the bottom you will see "x = x - 0.1;" and instead of printing out that number - 0.1 it prints it out the number  - 1. It's not even close to done but I would really appreciate some help! Here's my code int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {     @autoreleasepool     {         int number;         int x;                         NSLog(@"squareroot program!");         scanf("%i" , &number);                         x = number/2;                 if(x * 2 == number)         {         NSLog(@"%i", x);                 }         if( x != number)         {             x = x - 0.1;                     }         NSLog(@"%i", x);     }     return 0; }

Asked by Kenii 4 years ago

help with xcode 4.5?

[does anyone know how to to help me implement this into my app it's a simple tab that opens up but I can't figure [it out please help!]];  [IBAction] iWantItToLookSomeThingLikeThis; sincerely; aGuyWithAComputer; thanks in advance.

Asked by Cave Johnson CEO 5 years ago

How to learn C and C on a Mac? Answered

Is there any other compiler other than xCode because i lost my starting disk. or is there a way to download xcode?

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I am designing an iPhone app that uses RSS. What features do people need in this type of app that would make it unique?

Yeah, so I have thought out a lot of it, but now I want to know what type of interface people want.

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Need some suggestions with a School iPhone app

Now that I'm back at school, I've been assigned with the task of creating an official school iPhone app. I was told that it needed to be easy to use, and contain information that students would need, or like to see. Currently the school has an intranet, where you can access the Daily Notices (teachers can post stuff etc), email, 'Our Files' (web FTP interface for documents), school calendar. It used to have your class timetables and attendance records, but it no longer works because we switched to a new system and it'll take some time to connect the new database to the website. What I want to do is create an app which goes further than the intranet, and has features that students want. Because it's a long weekend, I can't do any sort of survey at school to find out what people want, so I'll ask you! If you were at a high school, what information would you want quickly? This is what I want to implement so far: Notices Canteen prices Exam timetables School Rules Calendar Notification system (i.e a popup saying something like 'Don't forget about Athletics Day tomorrow!') Photo Gallery Does anyone else have any ideas? I've included a screenshot of what the current intranet looks like, and what I want the app to look like.

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