Multi touch switch for house lights

Hello Everyone, I have seen that we can make a touch sensitive switch using the TTP223 or TTP224 Module but most of the instructables show you using them with an Arduino and on small LEDs. I was thinking of using the same module to act as a substitute for the regular switch for lighting in our homes without an Arduino. However since I'm new to this, I don't know if this can be achieved or not. Additionally I have read in the documentation of the TTP223 that the module supports two types of operating modes one is a momentary switch and the other one is the toggle mode. But I haven't seen any instructions on how to achieve the toggle switch mode. Request your help in getting this to work the way I want them to work. Thanks

Asked by harry4774 2 days ago

​I have numerous documents in my .rar archive

Some days ago I added new info in it. Today it denied opening, I only saw a message: "The header of the Docs.rar file is corrupt". I applied some winrar repairing software from various resources of Google, but no one of it couldn't aid me. Also I tried built-in WinRAR feature, I didn't give any positive result.

Asked by camillamiles 2 days ago

How to fix miter joints in a wooden chest?

I have a wooden chest, and the joints are separating. Seems that they are held together by nails. I would like some advise of how to fix this problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Asked by cuadradog 2 days ago