How can I charge a NiCa battery with a small DC (permanent magnets) motor spinning the shaft by hand? Answered

I can run a small FM radio with this motor spinning the shaft (via the belt pulley) by hand. I think the motor produces at least 3V/40mA. I tried to charge a nicad(800 mAh) by adding a diode to the power wire but it failed. All I need is a circuit(schematic) to charge a battery. Help, please!

Asked by kostya 9 years ago

Ultrasonic mixer for immissicable fluids?

Any idea's for a 12V-15V DC circuit to drive some transducers e.g. AU 12550 ? On board Water/Fuel mix, try in an ultrasonic cleaner! 35%H2O + 65%H CO is stable and burns just mighty fine thanks. Make it free to the world and free the world ,hip, hip ,hooray!

Asked by Gofish 9 years ago

How do i build my acting resume up if i have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas anytime soon? Answered

Hello, I am an aspiring actress and I live very far from any prestigious acting schools, and the job prospects for actors are slim to none around this podunk little town. All of the extra jobs I could do like community theater or school plays are mainly musical, although I love music, I'm not that great at singing or playing some of the instruments to want to make a career out of it. I'm really interested in acting for films though, making people feel something is the reward for doing something like this and it feels so great and I love it so much that doing it for a living would really make me happy! I was just wondering, how do I build my acting resume up if I have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas any time soon?

Asked by Atonement 9 years ago

I need to build several types of blades for a wind turbine to see which one produces the most electricity. Any ideas.?

I found some good designs on here that I can use, but I need some various blade designs so I can switch out the blades and do my experiment. Trying to help daughter with science project.

Asked by laz1 9 years ago

Instructable coming up as a blank page

As of today my instructable is coming up as a blank page.

Posted by JacobAziza 9 years ago

paper origami?

Asked by jmanlk456 9 years ago

How to do great in a job interview

I have a job interview coming up, nothing special just retail, but I can't express enough how badly I need this job. But I also can't express enough how horrible my job interview skills are!! Someone help me out.

Posted by Doldrum 9 years ago

would anyone here know how to make some cool looking coloured patio lights for really cheap?

I was thinking of converting a string of clear x-mas lights, and maybe using recycled plastic pop bottles for shades. They make some half sized pop bottles that look like they would work perfectly. I'm not sure how they could be painted/coloured though. Maybe just brushed onto the inside of a clear plastic bottle ? anyone tried this ?

Asked by johnny q 9 years ago

MAGIC the gathering decks

Anyone play magic? show your Deck(s) and tell what cards it has. You can also tell how it plays.

Posted by NinjaCat64 9 years ago

how do you make bone induction speakers?

The type that fit behind the ears. My son has hearing issues and the hearing aids don't seem to cut it. He cannot hear the lower frequencies but he seems to respond to vibrations as from quality headphones. I would like to try bone induction with the hearing aids. Thanks in advance.

Asked by 9 years ago

I'd like to make neat and clean holes in a tin can but I do not have a drill bit for drilling metal. Answered

I'd like to make some holes in a tin can but can't think of how I could go about doing it. I'd like to be neat and as perfect as possible though. Buying drill bits or anything else for that matter isn't optional for me. I do not have any hole punches either.

Asked by Jakoul 9 years ago

longest range knex gun

I want to know what the longest range knex gun on here is

Posted by Jesus. 9 years ago

This is what sexy looks like!

In case your wondering... Ladies he IS single. I had to take an official photo for work today cause I am that dang important. Its a picture of a picture cause I dont have a scanner. I highlighted the stuff thats important.

Posted by thematthatter 9 years ago

What the F?

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.

Posted by A good name 9 years ago

Where is borosilicate glass tubing (or similar) available to be purchased?

For me, ordering online is a last resort, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any brick-and-mortar stores that carried something like that. Also, the woman who runs the chemistry dept storeroom at my university is a singularly unpleasant lady who won't even give students new equipment unless the lab professor insists.

Asked by zalf 9 years ago

How do you transform electricity into motion?

I need to know for school.

Asked by 9 years ago

How come so many people use Altoid containers? Answered

I've seen atleast 50 'ibles on altoid wallets alone!How come?

Asked by Creator of Weapons 9 years ago

How do i write a technological paper? good Answered

I am in middle school and i am writing a magazine. part of it is a technology part and how to make some good stuff. i need some HELP PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!1

Asked by sibblyman541 9 years ago

Motorising boat

Any tips, please, on adding motor power to a 14ft Shakespeare speed boat hull without the high cost of a conventional outboard. I only need about 4mph for use on lakes and canals, so perhaps a lawnmower engine driving a paddle wheel or prop might do it, eg with a design like the fast boats in the Far East fitted with a car engine directly driving an outboard prop with the whole unit acting as tiller steering..

Asked by cfhaynes 9 years ago

i need a arduino program that will allow my servo to scan and my wheels to drive...PLEASE HELP!!!!?

I have two continuous rotational servos (Parallex) that are used as my wheels.Another servo is connected to my srf 05 sensor (ultrasonic range finder sensor). I just need a program that will allow my wheels to drive and my sensor to detect walls...please help!! =-(I can answer additional questions if im unclear.

Asked by znunez 9 years ago

Sweet Sand Sculptures

Sand sculptures always amaze me. The good ones, I mean. Mine never progressed much beyond noble walls that were crushed by high tide, but it's great to see that other people kept up with it and can get such amazing results from such a finicky material."Fairy tales and legends" is the theme of this year's World Sand Sculpture Festival now underway at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Tottori prefecture. On display (until May 31) are 19 massive works crafted by world-class sculptors from ten nations. The artists used around 2,700 tons of sand and took about two weeks to complete their works. World Sand Sculpture Festival

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Easy CD Top

Make a quick and easy top with a CD (remember those?) and some lamp parts. You can make the design a little nicer by putting a new pattern on top or just see what the CD art is like when it's all a blur. CD top via Make blog

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Star Wars Cupcakes

Mmm... Star Wars cupcakes. What else is there to say, really?Star Wars Cupcakes

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Cardboard Chairs

Check out these finalists in a cardboard chair competition. Only corrugated cardboard (preferably reused) and glue could be used as materials. The entry below is particularly cool as it only uses one shape for all the cutouts and it can be flipped for a different angle.Link via Core77

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

A challenge for you tinkerers

Well, I'm planning on picking up a Piranha PMI USP paintball pistol. One of the attractions was the full size internals, making it very mod-able. While surfing, a mysterious offer appeared on ebay, a USP with "custom speed-feed". Anyone who owns a mid/low range paintball pistol is familiar with the pains of reloading in combat.From what I understand, 9 round spring loaded tubes are used as magazines (I believe the seller made them from ten round tubes and a spring); so one can interchange them quickly without pouring in individual rounds. A total godsend. While it's pretty hard to get a grasp on the mechanics without holding the gun; it looks like the gun has just been modded to accept 10 round tubes. It seems deceptively simple.Thus, the challenge is creating the 9 round magazines correctly and finding out how they 'lock into' the marker. Man, I hope my gun doesn't get screwed up by trial and error.Unless someone gets it up and running first, I'll be sure to make an instructable; and credit whoever helps me out.Oh, the pictures the seller provided might prove useful, lol. And heres the manual for the USP has great detailed info.....about the bolt mechanism. :|

Posted by segundus2 9 years ago

(newsletter) Cake Pops, Book Scanner, Office Pranks...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Epilog Challenge - Help choose who wins an Epilog laser cutter! Vote now! Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest - What's the best rubber band-powered Instructable of them all? Vote now! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Create an energy-saving Instructable and you could win a MacBook Pro! The ThinkGeek Hacks Contest winners have been announced. See who won! Cake Pops Self Watering Garden - Using Recycled Water Steampunk Segway (Legway) DIY High-Speed Book Scanner from Trash Win a MacBook Pro!Closes on May 6! Vote now! Build an Ultra Efficient Fridge Make Delicious Coffee Liqueur Recycled 55 Gallon Barrel Chair Save Water! Kitchen Faucet with Foot Pedal Featured questions from our new Answers section: Physical and electrical engineering. What is a good thing to start with? Can a DC motor from an electric scooter generate power? Homemade Grey Water System Make Killer PCBs Ecological Cardboard Laptop Case Build a Foundry and sand-cast Aluminum Help choose the winners! Sailing the seas for free How to Redecorate the Office ATX Power Supply Mod With USB Ports Make a Female Game Character from Wax Turn an Office into the Beach Sign-up for this newsletter:

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Urban Art

Hey, this fourm is for peoplewho make urban art and want to show it off.What is urban art? Urban art is creatingand art work out of anything common to making a portrate of jimi hendrix out ofa cassette tape ( have fun about showing off and discussingthis art form!

Posted by The Urban artist 9 years ago

Keeping track of your ants...

This may well be the world's smallest tracking collar. From an article in Science News.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Problem with "new topic" posting from top level -- no category list

I started to post a new forum topic, and hit the [New Topic] button from the "Community : all" list. The pulldown menu for Category has no selections, just the two placeholders "Choose one:" and "----------". This might explain the recent spate of postings of uncategorized topics.(Note: I can't do a screen capture because the pulldown menu disappears when I switch windows).I do see that if I switch the Category Group from "in : forums" to something else, and then switch back, the full Category list appears, but I consider it a bug that the list isn't populated ab initio.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Using solder on wood or glass? Answered

I would like to decorate wooden frames or glass bottles with solder, and even add stones if possible. Does anyone know the materials needed and how to do this? Thank you.

Asked by jsvans 9 years ago

Does any one know how to play "Organ Donor" on the piano by DJ Shadow?

i cant seem to find any sheet music for the song, but would love to play it! D:? i've got the main theme so far c# g# f# g# e# f# d# e# c# c# g# g# f# f# g# g# e# e# f# f# d# d# e# e#

Asked by HaTOkaD 9 years ago

What is going on here?!

The background on the homepage is suddenly covered with norton adverts for some reason. The orange is gone. And, the post maker has a white background with no orange top. Is this a glitch, or purposeful.

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

cutting circuit boards releases PCB's that are hasr mful.

Stop telling people to cut up their motherboards!! pcb is released into the air!

Asked by 9 years ago

I am making a parallel port controller using my SNES controller. How do i hook up the pins so that it will work?

I don't have a DB25 female port on my laptop, i only have a DB15. I've seen that someone has been able to do it, but I can't figure it out. Also, I am taking the power from the usb port right next to the parallel port, so i only need help with the other 3 pins. Thanks

Asked by jelly.turf 9 years ago

I want to bulid a submerged computer Please HELP!? Answered

I wanna bulid a submerged computer what type of mineral oil should i use, or do u know a better type of liquide i should use instead?

Asked by Laknight117 9 years ago

when i try to explore instructables, very often i get "ERROR:500", what does that mean?

For example, when i view any instructable, and try to go to next step, i get this error, sometimes i get it immediately, just by clicking any instructable or picture, please, help me someone :) does anyone else experiencing this kind of problem?

Asked by tadas978 9 years ago

Disconnecting brake cables from a bicycle. Answered

I've been trying to remove these old cables without cutting them. Instead of just cutting them off, I'd like to know how to remove them. The brakes are the old style, cantilever (looks like the dual pull type). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by Olyveoil 9 years ago

DC Motor- dead or alive?

I've got a DC motor from a treadmill that when I spin it generates a small voltage then drops off to zero even as the motor continues to spin. Is it shot? Can it be repaired, if so, at what cost.?

Asked by haroun 9 years ago

How to make a magazine cum newspaper holder?

I need to know how to make a magazine cum newspaper holder with paper

Asked by yadavnatasha 9 years ago