"Blinking Eyes" LED circuit. ?

A timer circuit that'll turn LEDs on and off in an approximation of eyes blinking. Ooooon-off-on-off-oooooon-off-oooooon. So, this coming Halloween, I've got a dozen or twenty of these timers, running pairs of red LEDs, about eye-width apart, that are poked through a piece of cardboard spray painted flat black and set in shadowed areas around the porch. Maybe a couple of sets of them covered with ping-pong ball halves to make the "eyes" bigger.

Asked by allen 9 years ago

how do you disable the speed governor (limiter) in a car? Answered

How do you disable the speed governor (limiter) in a car? No specific car just wondering the different ways, and what actually tells the limiter to kick in?

Asked by i make shooting things 9 years ago

Can someone here point me to some bacteria that glow when stimulated with IR light, or any kind of radiation? Answered

The reason I need to know is I think it would be a real cheap alternative to conventional night-vision goggles. I have seen projects to that end that employ digital cameras with the IR filters left off the lens, but I am concerned that those projects have a latency that would make it difficult to function in real time. I would also be grateful if someone could inform me of a material that would allow IR radiation to pass through, but block visible light. 100 internets to the provider of thebest answer.

Asked by nruegs 9 years ago

Does anyone know if you could use a sofa as a back seat in a Volkswagen bus? Answered

I want to put a sofa in my Volkswagen Bus and I need to know what anyone else thinks of this, any suggestions, or does anyone know if this is even legal

Asked by shammallamaman 9 years ago

Does this site have a place where we can request a pattern, advice, hints, etc? Answered

Specifically, I'd like to build a child's bed that is a combination bed/playhouse with some storage and room to play (obviously-it's a playhouse). I 've searched topics but would like to formally request it. Thanks!?

Asked by tillytoo9 9 years ago

how can I get the wireless I have at my house to pick up on my PSP? Answered

I have wireless at my house and my PSP can sense the signal, but for some odd reason I can't get it to connect!

Asked by king_zilla 9 years ago

Any tips or tricks to obtain free or buy cheap land in the pacific northwest ?

I'd like to give up the silicon valley and move on my own land somewhere that is suitable for an off the grid cabin/year round home. Ideal land would be suitable for small family sized garden, be near fresh water and not be a total snow pile like in klamath falls in the winter. 2000 feet above sea level or lower would also be ideal for what I'm looking for. But I'm sure others might like to know how other people have gone off the grid without having to save money for 20 years just to get there.

Asked by solar 9 years ago

How to transport bicycle on/in a jeep wrangler.? Answered

Got rid of my SUV, bought jeep. how can i take my bike when going on trips? Spare wheel bike racks cost too much! help!

Asked by wafflehouse 9 years ago

Botnet Questions

I have some questions about botnets. I learned about them in Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother.How big can they be?What are their uses, besides sending spam mail?Can you make a single zombie using your computer and use that as a botnet? (to send spam) If so, how?

Posted by 5m17h 9 years ago

Refinishing hood of early 90's BMW?

My buddy has an early 90's BMW...the model number slips my mind. It's jet black, but for reasons unknown, the front hood's clear coat has faded considerably. I was planning to simply mask everything and use some DuPont Clear Acrylic lacquer that I picked up at an Advanced Auto Parts store nearby; then buff it out later with polishing compound. Am I missing anything? It's completely rust-free, no dents etc. Thanks.

Asked by guitarman63mm 9 years ago

How do I record and play a series of videos in some software-controlled order?

I'd like to create an interactive artwork where people can come up to a camera and record a short video of themselves speaking. At the same time, there will be a series of such videos playing on a nearby display. I should be able to insert the new video at any point in the list of playing videos. The list should also be continuously changeable via software; any programming language will do. Bonus points if I can have basic transitions between the videos.

Asked by nagutron 9 years ago

How do I put songs on a CD onto my Ipod? Answered

How do I download songs from a CD to an iPod?

Asked by Larry Checca 9 years ago

How to Make an Invisible Trail?

I am trying to make a hidden trail that can only be followed with a black light. This will essentially be done by following a series of "bread crumbs" that are only visible in the UV spectrum. I've had some success with a highlighter; the bark soaks up the ink, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's lasted a few rainy days, but I am not certain it will last for (at least) several months. I was wondering if there is another way to do this, one that is a little more weatherproof.

Asked by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

How do I map 3D animations when projecting onto a 3D surface?

I've embedded an example of what I'm talking about, below: I'm curious about:the specific software usedtips and trickshow to do projection of a pre-rendered animation (this seems straightforward: model the surface virtually, then map the animation to the surface. then, record the mapped animation from the same vantage point as where the projector will be in real life; they projection should them map exactly.)how to do interactive projections, where some sort of input might affect real-time rendering of the mapped animationAny tips appreciated!

Asked by nagutron 9 years ago

How do I measure for getting chair rail molding level and straight on the wall ?

I am going to put up chair rail molding in my living room and I can't figure out how to make sure the molding around the room will look straight and level all the way around the room. Do I measure down from the ceiling every few feet around the room or do I measure up from the floor every few feet to get it even around the room. Its an old house so I'm sure the floors are not level or square. Help! Thanks, Donna :-)

Asked by donnadidit 9 years ago

How to controol a robot arm?

This is my problem I have two weeks to find out how to control a robot arm with 9 motors that need to go both forward and reverse. But hear is the the problem I have to control the arm with a wireless ps2 remote for a school companion and I need to do it under 40$. Any ideas I will take at : bigfoot678@gmail.com Thank you

Asked by mad scintes 9 years ago

Is it possible to connect a PS2 to the internet or wi-fi? Answered

Does the PS2 have internet or connection capabilities? there is a LAN port on the back, i haven't tried it.

Asked by Coliflower 9 years ago

My phun creations

Hi this is Knex_Gun_Builder showing you my many phun creations! Feel free to put your phun creations here to p.s if you download my files than change the end of it to phn. intead of tmp.

Posted by Knex_Gun_Builder 9 years ago

Anybody gotten the MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor to work correctly with Arduino?

Please provide details, and a schematic if possible. Many people over on Sparkfun are asking but nobody seems to be able to get it to work using the manufacturer's datasheet. My personal results end up with the Arduino only reading between 850 and 1023 instead of full range of about 160 to 1023??

Asked by filmo 9 years ago

Is there an Instructable on the proper use of a volt meter?

Got a volt meter. It came with no instructions and have no idea how to use it.

Asked by mainfig 9 years ago

Can you get firecrackers into canada in you luggage? Answered

I might go to cuba soo so

Asked by goeon 9 years ago

Is it possible for me to make a n64 av cable? Answered

I have spent the last 3 days looking for my n64 av cable and cannot find it. I was wondering if I could make one custom so I dont have to buy one.

Asked by littlepetry 9 years ago

Is there any activities for cub scouts Just like something to waste 30-60 minutes of time.

I need something to keep the cubs entertained... It'll be in a room, possibly outside, but not alot of space outside, just a parking lot. And not too expensive... we have 10 cubs.

Asked by Batryn 9 years ago

How can I make a touch activated counting device with lights?

The device would be a string of beads. Each bead would light up if touched and turn off if touched again. It could be led's or whatever. Any suggestions? Thank you. Chris

Asked by milkyway312 9 years ago

what's a good way to use frozen bananas?

I got some frozen bananas i was gonna use for smoothies but blender broke. anything else they might be good for?

Asked by 9 years ago

This male cat adopted us; our cat freaking!!! Answered

Anyone know how to acclimate two cats to each other? One is male (aggressive); the other is an older female (timid). Pulling hair out (mine). this has been goiing on for almost 2 years. Juggling cats not easy for two seniors; however, we love the little boy too. I have put up a barrier in one room that the male doesn't seem to know how to jump, and we let them see each other. Fem cat hisses, spits and runs unless I am there to put my hand on her; someone has to be holding him at the same time. We have cat windows, crates, and a kitty walk, and we utilize all of them. Aaarrghhh!

Asked by 9 years ago

How do I make a tuna lure to use when sailing across an ocean?

Most sailors who fish use a 200 pound hand-line. Making lures looks easy but I bet there are things a newbee won't understand about hooks, skirts, lures, crimps, etc.

Asked by 9 years ago

my embouchure on the trumpet is messing up after 6 months... no lip pain just need help?

It's been 6 months and my embouchure just... flopped. I can't find the right spot to put my mouth on anymore. help please.

Asked by 9 years ago

How do I realistically match sprite animations to a video? Answered

I've embedded an example, below. Here are some cool effects I notice:the animations are matched with the shaking camera shots, frame-by-frame.some shots have the animations changing in focus to match the camera shotssome shots mask the animations to make them look like they're moving behind things in the video So, how is this done? What software tools are used? What are the different effects called?

Asked by nagutron 9 years ago

How can I know which resistor to chose? Answered

Is there any math calc to know which resistor will low the voltage to a desired voltage?

Asked by lautarox 9 years ago

How do I make a Flowbee or Robocut? These products break down. I want to join my good clippers to a vacuum hose.

I like the concept (however cheesy) of the Flowbee or Robocut but I am nervous after reading reviews complaining of cutters that jam, overheat or fail due to overall flimsy components and construction. I have durable, very high quality hair clippers that I'd like to attach to a vacuum hose, so that I could enjoy a mess-free haircut without the worry of Robocut's cheap moving parts breaking down.

Asked by 9 years ago

what is the best way to do DIY stage lighting?

I have some red green blue and yellow flood lamps from home depot, and i was wondering if there is a way to make it less of a flood and more of a beam, would making some sort of enclosure out of cans help? are there any other ways of stage lighting on the cheap?

Asked by dot communist 9 years ago

How do I link the output of a P.A. circuit to a light-controller for a LED array?

I am planning a costume build in which a public-address source needs to flash LED lights in the costume to the waveforms played through the public-address circuit. Additionally, since this is a costume project it needs to be portable and somewhat resilient to shock.

Asked by Dain Unicorn 9 years ago

How can i train my dog to wake me up? Answered

I have the horrible problem of not being able to be awoken by a normal alarm, and i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to train my dog to jump on me and lick my face when the alarm goes off? (my dog is the big husky, Sasha, but i like Ricardo, the puppy, as well)

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

Instructables member Tetranitrate at Dorkbot NYC

Dorkbot NYC's next meeting, on February 11 2009, includes a presentation from Instructables member Tetranitrate about his laser cutter misadventures!Full details on their site: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotnyc/YDIW/The other presentations look fantastic too. If you're in NY then, you should not miss this.

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

Does anyone know about Suspension Yoga, How to make one cheap and safe? Answered

Suspension Yoga is made by OmGym and consists of a hammock, and four foot/hand holds, that tie to a tree. It is a really cool thing I would love to practice monkey skills on! Thanks!

Asked by KTH 9 years ago

Op Amp Distorion oscillates when on high distortion?

I'm making an op amp distortion pedal, but as I turn up the gain, its starts squealing just when the crunchiness starts sounding good! Is there any way I can stop the oscillation?

Asked by 8bit 9 years ago