Foam Board/Cardboard Shoes

Hey, I was walking past my little sister watching PBS Kids and on one of the shows this girl was trying to make her own shoes. Out of cardboard. Lightbulb. The only reason that they didn't work is because they got waterlogged. I am thinking that with good enough sealing and strong enough glue, useable shoes made from cardboard are a possibility!The only problem is that I don't have foamboard or time to spare or a working camera at the moment. If anyone could carry this idea further than me, have at it!

Posted by Thorondor95 35 minutes ago

Entering published entry in contest seems broken

I just published an Automated Plant watering instructable, but didn't notice the Water contest when I was publishing it.The instructions on how to enter a published item into a contest that meets the launch date requirements seem broken and just give me a link error.How do I do this now?

Posted by btidey 19 hours ago

Multi touch switch for house lights

Hello Everyone, I have seen that we can make a touch sensitive switch using the TTP223 or TTP224 Module but most of the instructables show you using them with an Arduino and on small LEDs. I was thinking of using the same module to act as a substitute for the regular switch for lighting in our homes without an Arduino. However since I'm new to this, I don't know if this can be achieved or not. Additionally I have read in the documentation of the TTP223 that the module supports two types of operating modes one is a momentary switch and the other one is the toggle mode. But I haven't seen any instructions on how to achieve the toggle switch mode. Request your help in getting this to work the way I want them to work. Thanks

Asked by harry4774 20 hours ago