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Help needed to upgrade wheels on walker for all-terrain ? Answered

I've been trying to source a rim / hub  for my e-walker project , and so far havent been succesful  in finding the exact measurments I need 

7.5 " wheel / 46 mm width with 9- 10mm bearing ( SEE BELOW )

http://www.mcmaster.com/#ball-and-rolle ... gs/=9i3dx1

The spacer inside the wheel based on my measurements is 2.7 mm in length and 13 mm in diameter ( outside )

Any way , it seems the best match I can find for hub , tire so far is one of those wheels used on those razor electric scooters  here  though I do not see any bore sizes for any of them, in spite of being told there are after emailing them that its up there ( you can see for yourelf if you like )

So instead, I did websearch on the model of the scooter that correlated with the sorta wheel specs that might work - like e100 razor  and found 8mm mentioned a few times , which I assumed might be the correct diameter of the axel / bore size i need. ( I have also asked on scooter forum to confirm this )

8 mm however is too small to fit my own  knee walker mobility device , so I was wondering - to cut a long story short  - if there is any way I can enlarge the hole in the bearings that might be realtively easy i.e. without paying someone else ( assuming this could be done easily ) or
having to buy a rim with a bigger bore and using some sort of hub ring to make u the difference ( perhaps a bad idea for hun motor )

Again , if any one has any suggestion they willing to share I'd be more than greateful for your ideas and badly needed advice  :)

thanks once again.



Hello CD, Replacing the wheels is part of the problem because the type of rubber used mean they are not so good round the paths where i stay and tend to jerk / stop whenever they hit even the smallest of stones. The other problem , and why I wanted to changed the wheels,was so I cold add mini hub motor that wold help me up hills or go off-road , rather than being stuck to pavements the rest of my forseeable life. I started a thread about this on another forum too but so far im still no further forward really as nearly all the mini hub motors , leave me looking at Chinese importers who never respond or things like golf trolleys, motor hub wheelbarrows. to see if they have any similiar hubs or rims. The main manufacturer Rammtlc of my scooter does do replacement wheels and brakes , but the brakes alone cost $45.00 EACH ( yes im talking about those bycicle brakes at the rear there ) while the wheels are just the same rubbish ones i have - with a thicker option supposeldy for off-road which , if anything , is going to be even harder to turn.


May I suggest you edit this forum topic to "Help needed to upgrade wheels on walker for all-terrain" or similar? I think there are a wealth of people who do similar mods for bikes, bmx, landsurfing, cars, etc that will be able to chime in with their expertise.

This may be extreme http://www.wheelchairdriver.com/power-wheelchair-off-road.htm but there have been projects to adapt bicycles to motor drive and the technical problems to resolve are along the same lines.

I spoke to the guy who runs the site on / off a few times - even regardig my knee walker idea , but he was not very enthusiastic i.e. if you notice his site does do not menton any mobility scooters or vehicles - its purely powerchair because he is one of these hardlined " I'll live in my powerchair till i die sorts "

This is not uncommon - esp with folk born disabled who tend to see any other options as cute terms like " disability hate " , but for others like me not born that way it is not something I would wish to go back too period.

Youd be suprised how big a issue this is in the disabled community between the 2 sides , very emotional .

Any way, I just know for me this kneewalker even without the motor is light years aheard of going back to being dependent on battery , and heavy lead one at that that takes fair whack of money to almost recharge daily in case you lose capacity .



The only problem is I cant stand or support my joints - hence why I have to kneel to offset my muscoskeletal issues.

The other would be the sizes of the wheels requiring more effort to turn , than my smaller ones , which actually works out well with the aid of  my rebound crutch

I tried them but no luck , my skype aint working on my netbook for some reason while i try to sort my main pc .

I could ask my friend to try phoning for me ( im no in the US u see ) but when i emailed I got no response.

I thought maybe the 8 " wheel might help but those wheels are for walkers -not knee walker and have the same hard rubber so wouldnt really be any different than what I already have on my knee cruiser.

If Im going to change the wheels I feel its got be pneumatic at least to try and deal with the rough terrain , raather than just stop, jerk away ( like a skateboard i suppose ) at the first sign of a stone.

Its more or problem than you think too i.e . i have to watch the pavement all the time or else the handles bars suddenly jerk away as soon as it hits one .


I re-edited the title as you suggested :)

Thanks for the link BTW .. I did do search for alternatives and asked on many online sites too but the same problems of no parts ( only one provider offered them for $40 odd each brake - which seems blatant robbery to me .

I even tried sourcing their provider in China ( as these knee walkers like most things are not US made ) but no luck and doubt they would sell to me ,even if I could find them , given they usually only sell in bulk units.

thanks again


> any way I can enlarge the hole in the bearings that might be realtively easy
.  No. :(  Most of the bearing parts are made from hardened steel, which is almost impossible for a DIYer to work with.
.  You should be able to find a bearing with the proper bore and other dimensions. If you can give us the dimensions (bore, OD, width), we may be able to help find what you need.

Hello Again :)

I can see now that link ( the first one ) thats pratically as close a fit as I can see for the bearing type i have ( the closed double shield , ball bearing ) doesnt link at all to the page i found ...

Its tough to say if the diameter bore is 9 or 10 mm but i figured from the dimenesion on that link above that it must be 10 mm , as the width of it is 6 mm
and Outside diameter more 22 mm

There is the part number below if you want to look it up, Im pretty sure that must be it . ( what i thought i had linked to in the first place )

Part Number: 5972K286

thank again ,


.  It's only $6.79 (plus shipping), so I'd give it a try.

Hey there, Yes , that what I was planning to do ( although I could jsut use bearing currently there too ) that is . if i can find a rim that can accommodate it - hence my problem

  Trying to find a rim / hub for that size of bearing seems impossible ( unless chinese suppliers start improving their English )  and why i was asking about incresing the bore via drilling.

The wheel size ( i mean with tire ) doesnt have to be 7.5 but it would just mean id defintely need the pipe cutter then in order to move the brakes up or figure out another breaking system , because the brakes dont really allow for anything bigger .

Here are some photos so you can see what I mean  ( you can see how close the rear breaks are in 2 of the photos ) and the spacer, bolt / axle etc in others.

Its pity i couldnt take that tires off those wheels but its thier almost like castor / hard rubber molded on.

The diameter of the hub itself is 6 " so really only 1.5 of that tire  , which its width is roughly 1.5 "

Pity there wasnt site i could just enter the dimensions in , like the one for the bearings. :(