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A Modern Ancient Philosopher. Answered

It's about time we had some intelligent, thoughtful input to the forums, instead of arguments about the way that the rate of global warming correlates directly with the number of threads about K'Nex (see, I knew I could find something to blame them for!).

So, I present for your edification, enlightenment and enrichment, the thoughts of Phistophocles:

Book Two

Book Three

Enjoy, and contribute your own favourite philosophies.



I don't really have a favorite philosopher (unless Gary Larson counts), I kind of build my own road as I walk along, and try to make sure it aims in the general vicinity of where I want to go ;-)

The Aristotle part in Book Two was great. That guy really had it all figured out! :D I think my favorite philosophers are anonymous teenage poets. They're so deep, man.