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A Record for Family Kite! Answered

After spending the day in the shed, between three of us, Family Kite have posted six Instructables in 24 hours!

OK, a couple weren't exactly huge projects, but we're quite proud of them, especially the boys' projects, which are very much in the Maker spirit:

Conker-X's modifications to make a DS Lite easy to hold.

Roger-X's assisstive technology biscuit opener.

The Tao of Kiteman

A Flying Christmas Tree.

Binocular grip modification.

Fire-starter hack.




7 years ago

Well now I really feel like a slacker! I only posted one new instructable this past year.

It's still January - you could catch up with us by the end of the year.

(If you post a new project every three days...)

>> Bumped to remind people to vote for the boys' projects <<

Hmmmm, and I was looking forward to actually "playing" the record....*sigh* different era.....

If you can't play it, you could try beating it!

My record player doesn't "beat" anything. Even with a new needle, it skips often on fine cut records :-)

Hey, I'm lucky I can get one out from start to finish in a single month sometimes ;-)


7 years ago

Did someone buy you shares in the Sugru Corporation for christmas? ;)

LOL, no, I got one packet, then I won two more - it's kind of a self-perpetuating material.

Hehe, next time have someone try to turn the knob or handle on the shed door. It will let you out.

Hehe - Kitewife spent half the day saying "very nice, dear, now shut the door, there's a cold draught".