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A Small Complaint About the Eneloop Battery Contest Answered


I should mention this post is done on behalf of Otis (the robot). His shirt and batteries from the Eneloop Battery Challenge arrived today and while he loves his batteries (they have a lovely pearly finish beyond keeping him fed much longer than his previous set). His gripe comes with the lack of robot size shirts on offer (attached is a photo of him trying to get dressed). He feels that the website heralding itself as "The Worlds Biggest Show & Tell" should offer robot sized garments (or at the very least a onesie).

(Otis favourite post from the past week (here) even though he only mildly likes carrots)

Chilly Robot Otis

(from a human point of view I'm enjoying both the shirt and batteries keep up the awesome Instructable challenges)


haha, nice one! Great job! I am glad you won! The suit case looks great, can you post some more pictures of it, the inside .. :P Congratulations!

I came here ready to flame you for not contacting the admins directly, instead, i just feel really sorry for that poor t-shirtless robot..