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A VIDEO question (AVI format) - this is for my instructable which is nearly finished.... Answered

The video I worked so hard on, and still have a copy of on my computer at home, does not sound as loud nor is the audio synched with the video once it got loaded into youtube.

Anyone know what could have happened ?

Here is the mess it became:


*Sigh* You're not the only one. I'm doing a documentary on the school play. All of the audio is just a few seconds out of sync with the video. This equates to hours and hours of work manually re-syncing microsecond by microsecond. If I don't have a definite point of reference (loud noise with an obvious start *example- a clap*) it takes even longer. Just one microsecond off and it still looks off. I'm using Final Cut Express for the Mac, BTW.

And I only have a few hours left to do a two minute demo tape for my TSota application. I got the sketch showing what I hope two achieve there done.


All this work/stress is obviously getting to me (The Two, in the above statement is to).

Could it be that my upload to YouTube didn't finish properly ? I mean, it took Sooo long, maybe something hiccupped during the process (I hate the thought of trying a 5th time *sigh*, but if I must...).

It probably is a glitch with YouTube. Or it just doesn't like something with you're video (format, etc). It seems like you're video is taking way longer then it should to upload for a 30 second video.

Uploads usually take 1-5 minutes per MB on a high-speed connection, and converting your video takes a few minutes.

Your video is limited to 10 minutes and 100 MB.

For more details about uploading videos, see the Help Center.

Meh, I don't know much about YouTube.

I have gotten it down to an art (of sorts). Getting my CAM to take a decent set of shots is much more difficult :-)

Well, I am at that point that I could start spitting nails any moment now :-)

But I just don't understand what happened. It works if I play the original, but once uploaded to YouTube, it got WAY out of synch. It takes Soooo long to upload one too *sigh* that one was my 4rth attempt of the day, and about 4 hours of work with just uploading, not to mention the actual making them

I've run smack into the same issues, but with google video. Uploading taking 3-4 hours (even with the external stand-alone upload tool), then 15-20 hours for post-upload processing--for only 20mb files. Some not showing up at all...

So I switched to youtube...which is where you're having similar problems. (???)

RE: the sound issue--
I use an inexpensive digital for video, and the files won't work with the cheap Windoz editing software...So, I'd convert to another codec with virtualdub or avidemux.

Then the sound wouldn't work with some players. And video uploads would be distorted, or poorly synced.

I finally found SUPER ©, and use that to convert all my videos before uploading (that's SUPER (C) --if the copyright symbol doesn't display. Preview comment seems to be broken right now....)

The Website, it's a free download.

Yes, I have that, but haven't fooled with it much (lack of time and all), and the last time I fired it up, it asked me to update it, then that failed, and then it said it couldn't run the old version, then it launched it (I am soooo confusssed !). So, you say you "convert" the videos; to what ?

It seems pretty forgiving about input codecs, but google/youtube aren't as much, so... Open or drag the file into the window... I've found this works with youtube; your mileage may vary (so experiment), but I save as: -- AVI (which is a container format only) -- Video codec : MEG-4 (it will ask you what type, I usually pick DIVX, since that's most compatible) Pick an encoding bitrate that gives you a good file size with decent quality (700-1500 kpbs.) You can compare with the original file (of course, you might be comparing apple -> oranges depending on that codec.) Don't pick a really high bitrate; youtube will degrade the video to fit their bandwidth, anyway. -- Audio codec: mp3 (chose a standard bitrate like 128 kbps) I thought I'd have to use PCM or something, but the mp3 works if you don't get fancy with the settings... Then hit the "encode" button....

Alrighty, I finally got the bloody thing to upgrade, it was giving me FITS ! *sigh*

Then I ran it as you mention (I think) and got a large blurry video (when I choose "play last rendered", but when I play it without SUPER, the audio is present, but the video is just a small bar in the middle of a large black field. *sigh* any idea what I am doing wrong ?

Missing some video codecs for playback, perhaps? (like DIVX ?) You might want to download a 'clean' package of misc codecs. I also check 'MEncoder' at the top. And don't 'stream copy' anything, it won't encode... there really are a lot of options. (just for giggles I tried direct to mp4, without the AVI container...that worked too. Fewer audio options, but maybe that's good for you...)

Yeah--that K-lite pack looks like a good source. Whether it's "clean" or not....I run every downloaded file through virus protection (that's not a guarantee, but I feel better.)

OK, updating my DivX to V.6,X gave me the ability to play the rendered video. I still may have to remake the video since the audio is a bit faint (I rarely speak up very loudly, as it sounds SO loud in my own ears) .

You could run it through Avidemux (I initially used that only for converting, but there were codec problems.)

It has both video and audio filtering. There's a gain setting in audio--you can either set it manually, or use 'automatic' to normalize the sound (manual would work best if there's a LOT of noise.)

Indeed, you might be able to stream copy the video, and just process the audio....

Just experiment whether it's best to do it before Super (C), or afterward. "Litmus test" being the google upload, of course.

Yeah, we are now speaking of one of the two commodities I have the least of: time is one (money is the other, and doesn't come into play here). I will have to see what I can do, when I can. Anyway, thanks for all the help. It is much appreciated.

Understood. It's free, at least, so it meets one criterion. At least once you find a sequence that works, subsequent video processing should be quick....

Too bad one setup doesn't fit all. The more 'hands-off' or auto configuring OS & OS tools become, the more problems crop up, eventually.

Windows media player should be able to play it back, correct ?

Thanks, I will have to try that next time I have some time to fool with this all again *sigh*

How about this one then ?

I am getting better at making them smaller, but they still seem to take forever to upload grrr.

If nothing works, you could try making separate audio and put it over the video?

Hmm, at this point, that would be kind of tricky maybe. Especially since the speed seemed to increase once it was on YouTube....this is freaking me out a bit. I will think about it though if nothing else works :-)

does it work on your computer using something like vlc or windows media player?

I recorded it with the Veo cam and it's software, but I think you are correct in that it plays back with Media Player. Is that significant ?

like with the audio all good and everything?

The original copy, yes....but like I mentioned below, it is much "slower" running then the one running from Youtube

That is, the original file works fine....looks slower then the one on Youtube though *scratches head* did it get compressed or something ?