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A different kind of Turbine Answered

Check out this new design for a wind turbine.



That's an odd idea of "vertical". There's not a lot of information available about those projects, but three of them are floating windfarms, and one is a tidal turbine.

Yes, a conflict of perception , I pointed this out to my wife, She said,
"Well thats vertical". What do we know?
Information on this is difficult to locate, it appears to be a political union of
government and oil along with energy giants. No description of hardware could be found.
The Tidal Turbine you mention, is it a tube and blade type or one of this kind


Details are practically non-existent, and the link you provided timed out, but all the tidal turbines I have seen in the media recently have been, to all intents and purposes, submerged versions of "normal" wind turbines.

The link above was posted on a web site in Australia , This different design is being installed off shore in Queensland, looks like lots of maintenance but also lots of power.

The link is still timing out when I try it, but any moving-water energy generation will have lots of energy potentially available, simply because the high density of water gives it high momentum and kinetic energy.

Coincidentally, I was reading a magazine today that claimed the total amount of energy that could usefully be generated by wave machines is, if fully exploited, double the current world demand.

(Oh, my current favourite wave systems are Oyster, Limpet and Pelamis. Aquamarine Power, that make Oyster, also produce tidal turbines that seem to be promising.)

Here is a picture from the atlantis Brochure , Hope this is not no-no


Oh, I saw that - I can't say it inspires me with confidence - so many things to fai under what are, after all, very stressful conditions. It will, I believe, have too much down-time to be worthwhile.

The "normal" turbines use mainly proven wind-turbine technology, waterproofed.

To borrow one of your standard reply's, " True".

The Limpet Impressed me because i have been thinking about wave power as a ram pump for air since my early 20's , When I read about this a year or more ago, It was like," Hey they did it "! and it " Works Great " ! . Steady output, Low Maintenance.