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A different starter? Answered

I just enrolled, came straight to the sour dough. Love it & am fascinated by starters, The only starter I've fiddled with is for so-called ''Amish Friendship Bread,'' do you know it? Those 3 words may be alternate descriptions & names. It's more like cake than bread. Doubt it has anything to do with the Amish. When a neighbor gave me a recipe for the''bread,'' instructions for feeding the starter and THREE cups of starter, it seemed a friendly gesture. But I had to stir the starter daily until day 5, then feed it with 3 cups of stuff, then stir 'til day 10. Only then could I use it AND I had to find someone who would accept 3 cups of starter, a recipe, instructions, etc. Soon ran out of ''friends'' but couldn't bear to throw away 3 cups of starter, either. Plus, I had to keep feeding it The starter uses a package of yeast, a cup of flour, cup of sugar & a cup of milk, imagine that. It's pretty frisky stuff, like a blob from outer space that doubles in size every few minutes, taking over our homes. WE must run or be bubbled to death. Oy! Looking forward to trying the sour dough.

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audreyobscuraBest Answer (author)2017-02-24

Sourdough culture is sourdough culture is sourdough culture - all bread yeast are more or less equal once fermentation begins. With amish friendship bread, you are adding a different ratio of flours and sugar to keep the starter active, in this class, we just use flour and water. And we are working in MUCH SMALLER amounts, so that we minimize our discard until we are ready to prepare enough starter to leaven a whole loaf of bread.

Best of luck getting your starter on track!

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