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A do-it-all-in-one-cable For laptops(an idea) Using the ATX 24... Answered

I just recently got an idea,its kind of an ingenious(well i think so) idea.
ITs a do-it-all-in-one cable,a cable that connects to your laptops s-video,rca,vga,sound,and even usb through one cable using CAT5 cable for it(If cat5 contains enough cables in it)
The cable at both ends will have the ATX 24 pin connector that connects to a project box,but thats another part,we will get to that later
S-Video ---------- 3 Data 1 common ground
RCA ---------------- 1 Data 1 common ground
VGA ---------------- 5 Data 3 common ground
USB --------------- 2 Data 1 5V 1 common ground
Sound ------------ 2 Data 1 Common ground
Grand total = 15-mixing grounds/ 19 - separate grounds
So according to that,i would need 2 and a half CAT5 Cables(if i use separate grounds),which i am going to squish together into one big cable.
Or 2 CAT5 cables (if i mix all of the grounds)
Now,i would have all of the cables squished together into some tubing(heat shrink?,no too expensive in such a large amount)with the ATX 24 pin connector at each end.
Now,the project box,it will have the opposite connector(the one that the other connector connects to) will go into a box with that connector soldered on a breadboard inside of it(i could get the connector from a computer,or 2(i have 2 fried motherboards so ...))and in the other side of the (plastic)box would be all of the connectors(Sound connector,VGA,Svideo,RCA,usb(maybe for IR receiver or something))that connects to the TV,or monitor.
The other end with the same connector would connect to the laptop,it would have VGA,RCA or SVideo,Sound,and USB
So now that i got my point out,what do you think?
That the all-in-one cable,or a bunch of tangled cables just to put video and sound to the tv,and that is without USB,whats the fun of not having a usb connector from your laptop 20 feet away from you,you could connect a web cam,to see yourself on the tv,or a ir receiver,to control the pc without a keyboard and mouse,or whatever else you can think of.
So...what do you think(poin tout any mistakes i have made by chance)
So...comment...or whatever
i think this would be pretty nifty,no?


(From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_replicator)

Port replicators (also called passthroughs) are functionally identical to a bundle of extension cables, except that they can be plugged in and unplugged all at once, saving time. Some also include simple electrical adapters to change from one pinout to another (e.g., Micro-DVI to normal DVI connector.) An example would be the BookEndz Macintosh docks.

hmm...yeah this is kinda like that. Except you don't need to buy anything(maybe cat5 cables,and a few basic components(connectors and such)) Also,there is no wikipedia article that has that name,Just so you know :)

Get rid of the bracket and it works. Port replicators are the exact thing you're describing, they have one plug that outputs everything from the laptop to any other device, except they generally (not always) use a docking station to do so.

Well then,still a nifty idea,no? I mean,you don't see any of these things on the market(like the one that i am describing with vga,svideo ect),now do you?

Sure it's a cool idea, but I've got one anyway. Bear in mind also that carrying round a project box as well as your laptop and accessories could be a PITA.

You have one? What do you mean you have one? And this is simply kinda like a thing that you keep in the house,And the project box would not be bigger than an hdd maybe even smaller

I have a port replicator for my laptop. it even adds some ports the laptop doesn't have built in, like DVI. Worth a go at making one though, they're really useful.