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A few Ipod questions Answered

I recently purchased a used 30gb ipod video from my friend (who just got a 32gb ipod touch) and am a bit lacking on ipod knowledge so i have a few questions. Few problems (earphone jack is starting to go out, battery is wearing out...) so questions... 1. How do you open the Ipod video? 2. Where is a good place to buy a new battery? 3. where is a good place to buy a replacement earphone jack? 4. and where is a good place to download FREE games and extras?


For #4, try rockbox. It, well, rocks!

apple store, apple store, Apple store, anti yahoo.

Go to Apple.com, click "support", and type in your problem.

1-3. Go to an Apple Store near you. They can do all that. AS for #4.... consider installing Linux on your iPod. However, I'll warned you that I tried it on my mini and pretty much screwed it over... But ended up fixing it eventually (though had to erase all my data in the process)