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A few tips? Answered

Crepe paper streamers are fireproof (check the package) and a great, inexpensive alternative to the treated paper from Estes. You can save weight by replacing the rubber shock cord with really strong nylon thread. For about two flights. Then it melts, the body tube comes down fins first, testing your glue joints, and the nose cone drifts serenely down on it's own - a lovely sight. With an adult's help, cut the igniter cord and add standard extension cord fittings. Then you can plug into a 50' cord to get way back and get a much nicer view of your rocket. Before using your parachute, trace a pattern onto cardboard, and make more from garbage sacks. Tie the strings to a small fishing snap swivel, and you can change quickly. Thanks, Mike!

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-30

Making your own rockets is very satisfying. This class is aimed at getting beginners into the activity in the most accessible way, and I think commercial rocket kits are a great way to get started. When the skill threshold is reached, switching over to designing and making your own rockets to meet your needs is definitely the way to go!

Thanks for your great suggestions on the first steps to making your own rocket, Randy! I've updated the "what's next" section below to capture of of this spirit.

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