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A gun with bizzarre ammo Answered

Hello people of Instructables.com. http://gizmodo.com/171236/teddy-bear-gun This particular toy stuck me as an awesome toy to have around. However, there doesn't seem to be any place on the world wide web that sells this magnificent toy. Perhaps someone with some skill in projectile launching toys can show me how to make one of my own using a Life Water bottle?


Ok, now I wanna make one of these in a way that it's not gonna require some kind of gas with temperature standards to launch the bear (or whatever I decide to load it with), plus with quicker reload. Does anyone know how I can do that?

well....basically you can make a potato gun to launch anything that fits in the barrel... those T-Shirt guns (and hot dog guns now) that they use at sporting events are just air cannons...the reason that this party popper deal uses the chemical propellant is probably for portability...i doubt many wedding parties have air compressors available to fill up air tanks to shoot stuff with what are you wanting to shoot out of the thing? and why?

Pretty much anything that can fit in a Life Water bottle typically like small rubber ducks or teddy bears ... now that I think about it I'd like to shoot ping pong balls I could take some long, metallic strips of confetti and then use that guide on this site to make glowing ping pong balls and I could make a toy gun that fires toy shooting stars. Any idea how I can make that?

Yes. Smith and Wesson know how to do that, as do Ruger, Uzi, et alia.