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A house with granite countertops and limestone tile backsplash, should the granite countertop go part way up the wall? Answered

I remolding a kitchen using granite countertops and limestone tile for backsplash and trying to determin the best place to end the end the granite.  I've seen pictures of both with the granite extended about 4 inches up the wall and with the granite stopping at the wall.  Which is best?


Your project, your money, your house - your choice. Tile gives more options but you have to look at many options to find what appeals to you.  Regardless of your choice remember to caulk the joint between counter and back splash rather than grouting the joint- different expansion/contraction rates between counter top and wall causes cracking of grout - therefore joint WILL leak and cause pre-mature failure of substrates.  Caulk that matches grout is available where you get your tile and grout.

Have fun!

Regardless of function - they will both work the same (if the limestone is sealed, as NachoMahma states)...

it's all down to fashion at that point - many websites that design countertops/kitchens have programs that allow you to virtualize a project before you build.  I would personally say to go with the short granite splash with limestone tiles above...add some stainless or copper tiles mixed in the limestone randomly for extra awesome.

My own preference would be to extend the granite. Aesthetically, as well as potentially from a functional pov (it's harder than limestone and should avoid chipping a bit better if anything comes in contact.)

.  If the limestone is at all porous, I'd run the granite up the wall a few inches to minimize staining and/or leakage. If the limestone is non-porous, do whatever looks best to you.

It's your job - what do you think? Most of this is aesthetics, go with what you like the look of.