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A lamp from RGB LEDs Answered


I'm want to build a lamp from 63 RGB LEDs. I want to be able to change the intensity of each color. Is there something in my schematics that should  be changed, for example do I even need the resistors after LEDs since I have the potentiometers. I think the values might need to be changed.

The switches before resistors are to eliminate that color if the potentiometers won't do it. There should be also a main switch after the power supply..

Do I need anything else, so that it will work and to it will be safe?

A bit offtopic, but if I would only use one color LEDs, would it be better to connect them to parallel or series?

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-10-11

You don't need the resistors if your using the pots. But the pots are not going to handle the power drawn by 63 LEDs.

i suggest you get a programmable strip of RGB LEDs and go from there. Then you have a good power source for them and a solid means of controlling them.

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goljat (author)mpilchfamily2013-10-12

Thanks for you advice, but the LED strip is not acceptable for this project.

So I'll need bigger pots?

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mpilchfamily (author)goljat2013-10-12

Pots will only handle so much current. Ones that will be able to handle the kind of load you'll have will cost you $40+. What you need is an adequate power supply that controls the LEDs with PWM. Here is an example of what you need using an arduino. But the arduino doesn't offer enough power to support as many LEDs as you want. At best the Arduino can handle maybe 15 RGB LEDs or about 40 regular LEDs. Depending on the forward voltage of the LEDs in question. Since the Arduino can only offer 5V at about 400mA. Assuming the LEds need 2V @ about 20mA. 


I guaranty that a strip will work for you. Sure having the LEDs on the strip may not work for your design but the LEDs don't have to stay mounted on the strip You can always remove them and put them in the configuration that works for you but stick to the way they where wired together on the strip so the controller still works for them.  Or find an RGB controller that can handle the LEDs you want to use. 

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goljat (author)mpilchfamily2013-10-18

Instead of LED strip I ordered 5050 RGB LEDs that is used on the strips, it will be easier than removing them :) I also ordered RGB LED controller, I didn't know they existed, thanks again.

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