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A member is copying other member's instructables Answered

hstough101 appears to be copying other members instructables and posting them as his own.  His instructable "Dome Lights" uses the same photo I posted in https://www.instructables.com/id/Globe-Lights/.  His other two instructables have photos that look very familiar as well.


Thanks for letting us know.

I aplogize for the inconvenience. I posted them thinking that they would only be visible to me. I deleted them and it won't happen again.

i understand what happened, and appreciate you taking the time to delete them. Good luck, & I look forward to your future instructables.

You can create private I'bles -- just do the creating and editing, but don't ever hit the "Publish" button. They won't disappear, they'll just stay in the "Unpublished" section of your account.

Also, if you just want to keep track of other people's projects that you like, you can use the "Favorite" button at the top of an I'ble's page. That will add the item to a list associated with your account, which you can access from your profile, or via the "Favorites" link in the pull-down You menu.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

No, this was lazy - he just posted screenshots of othet people's work, including their user names in the images!

I know. I was just being a smart aleck. :-)

Could you PM me specific examples?

(And the projects you believe are being copied)

No, wait, no need.

He's not very subtle about it, is he?