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A new direction for "Total Views Count" group. Answered

So the original purpose of this group has been made obsolete by the rather cool new update HQ have released. A user's total views are now displayed around their avatar meaning we can see up to date information by visiting our profiles.

Now that there's no need to run a twice monthly script I was thinking that perhaps people would be interested in having their total views collected daily, then twice monthly I could release graphs for people tracking their daily increase. Similar to the /you/stats/ feature that HQ trialled briefly. I'd also be happy to continue giving patches for people reaching the views milestones we had for the group.

Anyone interested in that? Or does anyone have any bright ideas that the data now available on profile pages could be used for? It's pretty trivial to scrape the data with Perl, and at 1 page load per group member it's much quicker and easier than the current script (which loads thousands of pages).



Does one have to join this group to get a patch for a particular milestone? or are they automatic?

At the pace I am moving, I need to be recognized for obtaining a feetstone :-)

LOL... Well don't feel too bad. I'm no where near any notable milestone. I just published my first instructables last month, so clearly I have a ways to go.

Perhaps 50,000 total views (at least for some of us) is a pipe dream. :(

The views rack up pretty quickly. To be run in the group you need to join the group. That theoretically means that you will get a patch from me when you reach a milestone. In practice, I often forget and just give them out in big batches every 2 or 3 months.

Well thank you for the reply. I wasn't sure if the patches were automatic, or if we had to join, but now I know.

Getting noticed (even if its late) is still better than not being noticed at all.

Thanks. :D

Ha ha. I'll have time to automate the patches next month, so they should go out automatically each time I run the script.

Thanks for the heads up... I might of replied earlier, but the "wallet making" furniture move on the website seemed to have been going on a long time...

The funny part is, I got so bored I made a paper wallet. (I know, how sad?) LOL

Tis ok, recently I tried to make a plushie from scratch and ended up with a mushy *sigh*

LOL.... It happens to the best of us, doesn't it?

Yeah, I had wanted to enter it as an Ible, but I can't get it to turn out right.....I can sew, but pattern making is not my forte`.

Yes and everyone that is a member of the group is on the list.

This forum topic is really, really old, I wrote it to explain why things were changing.. The script used to visit each Instructable of each member in the group and count up views. That was made pointless when HQ started displaying total views on the profile page. Now it just records total views weekly.

Well, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I think it just makes a place like this more interesting, especially when people work on things they do best and like to do. I saw your Pyrography project and found it very informative and it brought back memories of the wood burning iron I had as a kid. I do however understand your frustration when you can't get something working the way you expect, especially when you'd like to enter it in a contest. It's like Murphy's Law takes over and says, "Oh no you don't. Today you get a mushy". LOL :D

"I was thinking that perhaps people would be interested in having their total views collected daily, then twice monthly I could release graphs for people tracking their daily increase. Similar to the /you/stats/ feature that HQ trialled briefly. ...Anyone interested in that?"

I like the idea of the graph, I was sure that function was going to be released when they teased us about it a while back. Tracking instructable page views is fun, and it's neat to see what projects have spike view counts months after being published.

Are there still topics being started with members viewcount and how much it has increased this month? Because I really liked checking up my progress :)

I've not had regular internet for the last month. Should have internet at my house within the next 2 weeks, at which point because the new script will need to be modified because of the baseball card update, I might make it a little fancier. Graphs on a php page or something similar. Sound good? Or do you think people would be opposed to leaving the instructables website to see stuff like that?

Sounds good Jayefuu, although I think most people would indeed like to see it in a forum topic on instructables itself. Perhaps the graph could be an image attatched to the topic or something?

Anyone worked out how often it updates yet?

It updates whenever staff are working at ibles HQ.

Well I think that the big list with everyone on it is good, because that way you can compare your self to other members.  I think that it is kind of fun to find someone who is really close to yourself in views and then try to pass them by answering more questions or publishing an ible'.  So if you do the daily website I think that all the members should be listed in one place (I don't know why they wouldn't be in the same place anyway...)


I agree with this. Everyone in the group should be listed. It's kinda supportive to see that you passed by/are close of passing by another member in view count. It really gives you encouragement to make great ibles so you can get higher in "the ranking" sort of speak :) But don't include all the members. It would require to much search time for your program and it would set many new members way down on the list. Also there must be hundreds of members who just joined to get the larger pictures and never posted anything...

You could have at least kept the last total views count topic up...

It's in the forums. I messed up when I posted it and put it in community blog instead of as a group forum topic.

Whoah what? Where's this total views thing?

Look at my profile. Or anyone's for that matter.

Oooh, I like those hands with the number. I noticed it ysterday but instead of color, it looked white with the hand and text in cream.

Instead of going all the way to your profile page, try hovering over the little blue hand under your name, it lists several of your stats. :)

Go on your profile, and look at your avatar spot. "Total views' is the second one down.

I didn't know wether to start a new topic about it but I became pro today and now I see the cool new update (it's awesome! :D)

But there is something wrong with there script...

When I check my own, it tells me that my total views is 21.116 while your script from a view days ago tells me 19679.

i went to my "you page" and checked the number of views there and while checking I found that I have 19755 (increased a bit in the last few days :) )

But that's still miles away from the 21k my profile says I have...

Is there some explenation to the why or how of that?

Could you clarify what you're saying please? You're saying my script corresponds with the total on your You page, but is different from the publicly visible total? With only 5 ibles, could you count them up by hand and see which is right?

I'm saying that your script is right. I counted them up and I have 19k views. But when I look at my card it tells me I have 21k views...

Do you have a private instructables that nets 2k views?

I went through your 5 ibles and counted 19777, almost 1500 short of Robot's count. I can't believe that a private ible would make up the difference. Could you post what you posted above here please: https://www.instructables.com/community/Baseball-Card-Update-Bugs/

No I just became pro today and I don't have any private ibles so it doesn't make sense...

Unless ofcourse it's not the script of the robot that is bugged but the number of views displayed per ible (That's what your script checks right?) ... Perhaps everyone has more views but the display on each ible is not right...

Yeah sure :) I'll do that.

Ah very good :)

I know many people complain about how they're always slow and stuff. But I must say when a problem presents itself and somebody makes a clear topic about it that's more then 5 sentences you see some of those complainers do they are always very quickly on it.

They do good work, I think that doesn't get said enough.

To quote Randofo: "It turns out this is a bug. We were tabulating all Instructables (unpublish, deleted, private, etc). This should be fixed in the next bug release."

They do good work, I think that doesn't get said enough

Here here. *raises glass*

Didn't somebody create a webpage for creating view graphs...?

Plus thats a per instructable view. Looks similar to what I'd like to do :) Do you think people would be opposed to visiting an external site? Like my website for example, so be able to see the results? As I can't think of a way that I could update it daily on here automatically and display a graph.

If they are motivated by views, then, yes, they would be willing. Me, I kept forgetting to look...

I've also noticed discrepancies between your perl script and the stats ibles are showing me. I can't have gained 14k views in a mere 2 days.

Yeah that's odd. Perhaps there's a bug in my script and it missed on of your instructables. You could quickly run through your 22 ibles by hand and tot the totals up?