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A new folding door I just saw on facebook Answered

I would love to see someone build this door.  I believe it is beyond my capabilities   http://www.viralnova.com/folding-evolution-door/


This is very simple. I made this model in thick paper in 5 minutes.

Draw two squares of equal sizes one below the other.

the three places where I marked are pivoted

Cut along the red line, take care not to cut the pivoted joint. The vertical line on the left to be cut all way down

Fold along the diagonals lightly (It may not be required)

Now with your hands holding the pivoted joint on the left, turn the cut portion slowly

The two vertical portion joins together at middle and both middle portion become the right out

reverse the order and it closes the opening

Try it, it is very easy


In the video, they might have used ball joints, which rotates on all direction on those three pivoted places

That is insane!

Maybe not the most usefull type of door but definately good looking.

Qustion is how well it would be if you have the windows open and it is windy.

I just bought a house and there is not enough space between the basement doorway and the kitchen counter for a door to open properly. A Bi-fold door might work but I hate those things. So, I am working on figuring this door out, if/when I do I'll put it on here.

Seems like a good idea. Indeed could it be a good instructable.

I'd like to see it. I don't really have a clue about how to do the door. I was hoping someone would take the ball and run with it. I don't really see where I could use the door so I won't be spending any time trying to figure out how it could be done.