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A picture is worth 1,000 words... or is it? Answered

This is sooo random, I thought I had to share it.
I wanted to see if a picture is really worth1,000 words worth of data.
the average word is 5 letters and a space (or puntuation), so six bytes.
1,000 words would be 6000 bytes, or 5.859375 KB (1KB = 1,024 bytes!!!)
A 500x375 px JEPG image is about 55 KB, so it is worth 9486 words (and a 3 letter word + a space).

A thumbnail, however, is only 1.91 KB, so only 326 words...

It would seem, however, that 326 words would convey more than the thumbnail, whereas the 9486 words would convey more than the mid-range image.

Just some random geekiness :-D


Actually, 1,024 bytes is a kibibyte. A kilobyte is 1000 bytes.

But the real question is... Can you convince your composition professor that 3 pictures satisfies your 3 thousand word paper requirement :P

No, the real question is whether you can tweak the spacing to make those 3 pictures look like four.