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A primer on picking Answered

So, judging by what I've seen so far, a lot of people have a terrible concept as far as lockpicking goes. They don't know if it's legal, if it's really possible, etc. As such, let me begin by saying the very first thing you should do if you're interested in picking is go somewhere else. I don't intend to give you a full tutorial about how to pick. You can find that online in a lot of places. A good idea is to subscribe to a forum of experienced locksmiths and search there for a while. One I highly recommend is lockpicking101.com. Picking is a fun, albeit expensive hobby. It's also a living, or part of a living for a lot of people. I am not the devil for advocating lockpicking. Believe me, if someone wanted in your house to take your stuff or to cause you harm, they'd be more likely to go through a window than to take the time to pick a lock. I am not making the world any more, or less, secure with the information I post here. Owning picking tools is not illegal pretty much anywhere in the continental US, except maybe in Washington, D.C. Picking a lock you don't have a right to is illegal, and immoral, everywhere. It really can't be said enough: NEVER PICK A LOCK THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU OR THAT YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO.


"...the very first thing you should do if you're interested in [lock] picking is go somewhere else. I don't intend to give you a full tutorial about how to pick." Uh, that is what this website is all about. You develop a full, illustrated, tutorial and you post it here. Nobody cares if you can find it elsewhere. Well, some people care, but the idea is to have one central place to go find everything about everything. 0

Very valid point, but as I've personally witnessed even on this site, the community isn't always capable of good adjudication. Besides that, I'm not creating instructables-wide rules here. If someone else wants to do it, then so be it. In fact, there are a few who do just that. I'll personally keep my own contributions limited to the equipment, since that information is of more interest to me, and it's actually a bit more difficult to find elsewhere. Thanks for the interest in the group, though. Feel free to stick around, and even contribute if the mood strikes.

. Way back in the 1990s, there was a PostScript file floating around the Internet that was an excellent tutorial on lockpicking. The name was something like The MIT Guide to Lockpicking or maybe The Zen of Lockpicking. Even had a few tips on making your own picks, wrenches, &c. It's probably on someone's archive.

. OK. I went ahead and ripped that page and the associated pages/files, including what is claimed to be the original PostScript file (it says it's OK to redistribute as long as the notices are intact). I have it saved as a ZIP file (~1.27MB) on my server. PM me for the URL.

Yeah, wow. I can't believe I completely forgot to mention the MIT guide to lockpicking. Good catch! It's definitely google-able (of course, what isn't?). Thanks again for the great catch, Nacho!