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A question about LEDs? Answered

Hi all first post.
Called fairy lights, rain drops, peals, party strings. They come in all different colors, lengths and price points; sold on Amazon and eBay.
I cannot find them individually and I can't locate any information on them. My multi-meter needs to be replaced I can't really trust it and I want to cut a string making  different lengths. The transformer that came with 12volt 1amp, will I need to put a resister in line? Their in parallel but I don't know if is the cathode or the anode that has the double wire. Does that matter? It's possible that they are the pico/micro size chips encased in a clear resin. There is approx 300 leds on the string aprox. 4 per ft.


This guy has a lot of teardown of fairy lights. One of them should answer your question


9 months ago

Obviously if the meter battery is good, you must get a new meter..

Red s most often positive... What do you mean "double wire" ?

Some single LEDs with a uChip in the package are able to run off of a 3 Volt battery with no series "resister"..

I would take a picture but just so happens either google, Motorola or Verizon is hold my pictures hostage. What I mean by that is when I try to download to my computer a little pop-up tells me there are no new pictures to download. If you don't get just how wrong that is - my phone is censuring me telling when and when I can't download my pictures.I tend towards conspiracies and I think it's cheap dirty underhanded ploy to get me to buy a new phone.

I can't tell how the two wires going into the resin are connected but there is one wire that runs past all of the leds and two wires running through each dab of resin.

Two wires going into the resin ??

And one wire (Not in Resin) that runs past all of the leds ?

Draw or pic of this incongruity is needed..

Click my pics to see the whole image.

Copy of pics 012.jpgSERIES.PNG

I was subscribed to his channel. It's funny not haha that none of these videos came up in my feed. This isn't the lights I have, they weren't set up with solar. So I can't cut them down without adding another driver. The driver must be in the wall wart. Thanks!