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A question of quick-release plates? Answered

Do they make quick release plates for tripods that do not have them? such as a screw-on plate that goes on a 1/4in tripod mount and has a quick release section on top of that with another 1/4 in mount? Thx


do you know of any names those might go by or where i might find them? or just what to search in google to find them :)
thx 4 the quick answer!

K thank 4 all you answers. wish i could give you all best answer but unfortunately just one will make it. Eventually found one that screws onto 1/4 inch mount (somewhere in google search) so if thats there then i can find more. Thank you all for your help!

They must do, because I own one.

Unfortunately, it was a gift, and has no maker's stamp.

Google "tripod quick release".