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A question on the subject of Matches? Answered

I I were to crush up Diamond match heads into a powder and mix it with water and dry it, what would my end result be?


The mixture would easily take fire but if the objective is a reproducible rocket propellant or something like that...no.

The ingredient of matches (potassium chlorate, sulfur, animal glue, other odds and ends) are intimately mixed during manufacture.  Potassium chlorate is quite soluble in water and will separate from the mixture to some degree after adding the water.  Since the amount that separates, and the degree of separation, are both hard to control, the product may be unpredictable.  And it's simply too much work for too little material.

There are several Instructables on rocket propellant that uses potassium nitrate which is *much* easier to obtain in the quantities needed for experimentation.  That may be a good direction to take for the individual generally interested in pyrotechnics.

No not rocketry. I f I were to crush this mix I would wet it down, eventhough it wouldn't totally get rid of the risk.

Be very careful when crushing the matches.  They have a tendency to light. 


Use alcohol - it drys easier.



8 years ago

A larger match head.