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A samsung TV LE40R86BD after changing the capasitors still flashing .What to do ? Answered

I have a samsung TV LE40R86BD which have no start only flashing.I tried as discribed on your home page and chage the four capasitors but it still flashing (the capasitors were defective)?



Were the capacitors defective?
Have you asked Samsung?


It may have a different fault, dry joints are very common and are quite hard to see. With some manufacturers now using lead free solder dry joints are more common than ever. remove the circuit board and resolder every component that is large, or looks like the soldering in not right. sometimes you can see a dry joint with a magnifying glass, while wiggling the components. use the old fashion tin /lead solder, as lead free is crap to work with. I usually resolder everything weather it needs it or not , except small surface mounted stuff as my eye sight in not that good.

Need more information here. Where and on what home page did you find steps for changing the capacitors? What is flashing the picture on the screen or the back lighting? Can you post a picture of the problem?

Changing the capasitors is from www.instructables.com from Author: nursebob3428
- The flashing I mean the standby led(clicking)

A link to the actual instructable may help.

Did you replace the caps with the exact ones or ones with greater capacitance, temp rating, and voltage rating? Going with a lower value on any of those could cause problems. Did you replace all the caps or just the ones that where obviously bulging or leaking? There is a chance there are more problems then just the caps. Though fairly unlikely.

I'm hearing more and more about capacitor failures in Samsung monitors/TVs. It seems they like to use cheap no name brand caps. So i gotta figure out if i want to preemptively replace the caps in my Samsung monitors or just wait till they die.

I replaced the caps with exact ones and with good qulity.