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A short video on the subject of Asperger's Answered

Just a bit about the syndrome and that appearances may be deceptive

Sorry, I had meant for this to publish in the Asperger's group....



8 years ago

This is very interesting Goodhart, I didn't even know this condition existed, thanks for the info!

You're welcome.

I really HOPE the following movie comes into my area (it is being released on a limited basis).

If you view this, when you get to the section where he says to her: I can see that you're upset but I don't know what to do - that is a CLASSIC Asperger's symptom. Because her FIRST reply doesn't TELL Adam what to do, and so he answers the question she asks; matter-of-factly, with a yes, when in actuality, she was hinting that she wanted him to hug her. He doesn't get it until she makes the statement plain, without social cue hinting.

I would be interested in seeing it too, I appreciate the info

I have seen the movie, and although a few others I know of that have also, did not like the ending,  in a way, it IS a happy ending, just not what most people associate with a happy ending.   I thought it was REALLY good and accurate. (not that I am like this now, but a lot of it was in my youth...).

I have also heard people with aspergers syndrome have odd diets, is this true?

lots of us have very plain diets, we seem to suffer heaps from all kinds of allergies, including food. For me, food is very plain, never add pepper salt, not into fancy sources either. Yet I worked as supervisor in a cannery, as well as Jam, we did fancy soups, my mouth still waters, and so called Army Meals, thats meat meals, but most of the fat removed, so they could be eaten cold. Those days, they were packed into baby food sized cans, and thats what we called them, when producing for the NZ Army. Today its retort pouches, meaning a flexible foil bag sterilised in the same way as a can. So I suppose for Aspies, eating is the least important thing of life, therefore, seeing plain food is easiest, so be it, and lets get back to work. Sorry for missing seeing your question. Try Goodhart's microwave potato too.

This appears to be another deviation from the norm for me (or maybe it is learned behavior), but I enjoy a wide variety of foods, from super hot Mexican, to Japanese Sashimi, and have very few allergies, food-wise (I suffered the worst case of Pollen allergies, in my youth, but that seems to have been largely outgrown also).

Its still a Aspie norm, but you are at the other extreme. But that pollen allergy you mention, might have triggered a defence mechanism for you. Don't, repeat, DON'T let your wife see this, otherwise she will sell your body to science, for reverse engineering.

Well, she already knows I have an immune system that just doesn't seem to quit :-) This year, because the insurance companies require it, I will be getting my first flu shot; and I have only had the flu once in the past. So who knows, they may come looking to make antibody solutions from my blood one day ;-)

ONLY if you survive that flu shot! The needle going in, might leave you wide open to blood poisoning for which allergy antibodies don't protect from.. Recall that old TV series "The Immortal" I think it was called, like The Invaders (David Vincent going around trying to prove there were aliens, but each time he shot one, they vanished in a flash of light, so they became a figment of his imagination)

I get blood taken all the time (just had some taken today) for complete cholesterol testing and lipids (liver).

Tell them to put in a quick connect/disconnect fitting. Its part number C040198, most suppliers know what it means

Well, I don't get it drawn THAT often LOL 2-3 times a year though. Around here it is illegal to reuse a needle, and illegal to use one that has been taken from it's sterile package IF it touches something... they are very careful about this.

It is the same here with needles. but the Lithium that I had not needed for 10-years, required a blood test every six weeks to ensure it did not build up in my body and go toxic. There is a wonder drug for people with schizophrenia, but it is so dangerous, that you need a monthly blood test, within 24 hours you get the script, within 48 hours you get the script filled, or you get another blood requestion form and go back to the beginning.. They check out your white cell count, if it drops, emergency, as the wonder drug has begun destroying your bone marrow, autoimmune system. Got to be really careful not to catch the flu etc. Once it begins damaging you, you never can have that drug again. Some NZers have died. Its called Closapine in NZ and I have never been on it, but some of my friends lead near normal lives because of it. PS, to be honest, no such part for blood requisitions, its a joke I used, decode the part number, except for the first letter, its got a hidden message

I am not so good with cryptology, mostly because I come up with more then one answer that could be right.

Like, it could very well be a date: 04/01/98

I don't know the significance of that as a date however.

If it stands for the letters d.a.j.i. I haven't a clue either.

Quite a few part numbers espouse those digits. . .

BTW: I get my liver function tests every 6 months also, because of the cholesterol medicine I am on.

But in the USA is not the month before the day, then the year? I just read a legal report draft, that I waited a year for, it seems the other parties twisted the facts, I went into shock, got bad stomach pains. I emailed the report back, saying I had considered giving up, after the investigating lawyer had said verbally that my complaint was unfounded, but there were so many facts incorrect, I could easily take it to the next level and was going too. it relates to 2007, now that this year I am officially an Aspie, it calls into question what the other parties said. I just emailed another Aspie for back up in court. But are you willing to look at a 44 page time line of what happened to me, then the draft report, and comment? Reading the 44 pager, can you do it on your PC, then I can colour and highlight the important stuff.

I don't know about the others, I seem to have deviated strongly on the social scale, forcing myself to interact (at times) and learning how to do so in many occasions (although, just yesterday, I was quickly reminded how awkward such things can still be to me, when I was at my company picnic; until some members of my Dept arrived, I had a difficult time speaking with anyone).

That said, I personally like nearly any food; so as far as weird is concerned, it can be (sushi, sashimi, homemade caviar, etc. but I also enjoy steak and veggies. *shrug*

As with any teenager, appropriate diet is very important, so it is important to keep a good balance whether with or without Asperger's. However, it is probably more important for those with Asperger's then those without. Low blood sugar counts from skipping meals etc. could create social storms as it were, where the teen will cause unrepairable rifts in the relationships around him or her. This can be helped by a proper diet.

Its okay, it is in the Aspie forums. But how does somebody sign up for the group, I can not find that any more. Eric W said off list the software needs tidyiong up, he appreciates feed back on improving the forums. He fixed some errors of mine, the last sub group I set up, he manually moved into the Aspie forums when I emailed him.

Yes, I see, mine shows admin options only. Anyway, I will sent your info off list to new member : seandogue

do you mean aspergers? you missed the S in the title

http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php there's a quick test there to see if you may or may not have aspergers ...it's not to be taken as a diagnosis...but based on the questions asked...and there are a lot of them.....it can quickly identify the standard personality traits that are often associated with the dissorder

Thanks. Yes, my score is displayed in the Group. :-)

I tried to get this into the group, but somehow I messed that up I think