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A sweet Idea for a movie! Answered

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Ok, This Idea is either really cool or the dumbest one Ive had yet! What if They made a movie about aliens coming to destroy earth by infecting us with an alien virus that makes us turn into zombies, so the Worlds military makes Super advanced robots to fight them! and because all of the military personnel are fighting aliens The world erupts in mass anarchy and pirates start to sail the sea and attack coastal cities! So chivalrous ninja protect the people from the prates and aliens. But then the Anti-virus the Drug companies makes to stop the virus in the infected mutates and causes certain people to turn into vampires! I think it would be cool but it might also be a bit much! :)

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Jaxxsyn (author)2009-05-04

sounds more like a tv series to me, way too much goin on to be a movie. Good thinkin though

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GnomeMaster (author)2009-04-24

that is the best idea i have ver heard of in my life

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