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A weird ringing sound from my computer? Answered

Ever since I built my gaming computer, my HP monitor which has speakers in it makes a ringing sound. What is weird about it is that when my CPU is occupied for a second or two (Like opening Google Chrome), it stops and when it is done processing that it starts back up. It also stops when I lay my mouse over certain things or put a drop down list. It's a very high pitch sound that everyone I ask says they don't hear anything. However, I can hear it like one of those old chunky TVs that make a high pitch sound on start up. It's very distinct to me and it's annoying. I know it is my speakers making the sound because whenever I unplug them they stop making the sound. Any possibility? Motherboard malfunction? My speakers on plugged into the green port on the back of my computer. Thanks!


fixed this a long while back, just had to turn on the computer without the headset plugged in, and then plug it back in in the other port :P

I've had this same problem, except mine randomly started after turning off, i have a usb headset plugged into the front of my pc (headset is logitech), help?

The problem is the crappy amp built into the monitor's speakers. It's picking up EMI produced from the PC and amplifying it through the Speakers. One thing that may help would be to get a good size farite bead and run your speaker wire through it and put one turn around it. Another thing to check is the motherboard back plate. You know that little piece of aluminum with the cut out to match the ports for the motherboard. If you are not using it then you'll need to pull the motherboard out and install it. If it is in place make sure it's making contact with the metal casings around the connectors on the motherboard. That plate will help prevent EMi from interfering with things.

The best suggestion i have for you is to get a good set of PC speakers. Speakers built into monitors are very cheap and have poor sound quality. Not to mention they have to deal with the EMI from the monitor. Not to mention any EMI from the PC itself.

By ferite bead do you mean a ferrite toroid? I have a small one from a CFL Bulb from my old science fair

Yes, of course you'll need a larger one to get the speaker wire to go through it with the connector still on the wire.


4 years ago

You could have them plugged into the wrong port or the port could be configured wrong. Most sound systems are capable of surround sound with multiple ports for the different speakers. If you are only using a 2 speaker set you need to change the configuration to match what you have.

Have you installed the drivers for the audio on your motherboard? Have you tried a pair of headphones (plugged into the green port on the back)? Can you try the speakers on another computer? I'm trying to isolate the problem to the speakers or the computer.

Also, as darkcheops mentioned, the sound wire can be affected if it's running right beside a power cord.

Have you tried different speakers or headphones to see if they all do the same thing?
If they dont, it's likely your speakers. If they do, check to see if your sound card is seated properly.
And I assume since its a gaming computer you have an adequete power supply? In the past I have had noises change while my computer processes things when my power supply was weaker than it really should have been.
Otherwise, it could just be interference... either picked up in the wires or at the fault of the sound card. If you have a spare lying around throw it in to see if that helps.

Does moving the speakers or wires around affect the noise? Sometimes other wires can cause interference in your speakers if they are too close to the speakers or the speaker wire.