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AHHH!!!! Too many people have robot avatars now! I counted around 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! AHHHH!!! I have a need to be different and change back. Fear the robo-lution!


Which is worse - 15 different robot icons, or somebody so bored that they hunt through the site to count 15 different robot icons?

Or someone who mixes up "to" and "too"? I BEAT KITEMAN AT PROOF-READING!!!!

Nonsense! The title is grammatically quite correct - tomonto is merely sending an "aaargh!"to all the Robots out there.

Quickly looks round, nobody seems to have noticed, slinks away.

Besides, you need a space after your ending quotation and 'to' Just a heads up. :P

There is one, it's just the bold makes it look like there isn't.

Old news, youngling.

W00T! Power to the innovative yet-not-robot avatar peoples!


9 years ago

i was never the robot

Please refrain from bumping old topics. Thank you.

Seeing you flail and flip out like that only makes me want to change mine back. :D

You had a robot? I didn't think the T-shirt counted...

I was using this picture as my icon for a long time: (He just sort of snuck in.)


They are actually normal sized, her head is just too small if I remember correctly.

Hey! I love robots! Changed my avatar in honor of your decision.

Yea, never liked robots, liked that redneck oreo kid, whatever happened to him?

Changed my name. Would you like me to go through the story?

Ok, My birth name is Brian Matthew *******. I changed my first name to Bran for a few reasons, including: 1) 5 letters takes a long time to write, 4 is much more convenient 2) Everybody misspells my name - teachers, classmates, dentists, doctors, Starbucks workers - it really ticks me off, as being named Bryan, Byron, Brain, and Brianna doesn't float my boat. 3) Everyone knows what Bran is, and can remember it easily. Examples of bran in daily life include Raisin Bran, Bran Flakes, bran muffins, and just plain ol' bran. One teacher calls me Fiber. So, you see, I use Bran on all of my papers and everywhere else, except for legal documents. Whew.

Wrong story, we want to know why you went from the unique Redneckoreo, which has a certain elan, to bran.

RedNeckOreo kind of lost the main story behind it, as the basis was only known amongst my close friends. Bran is what I go by, and it's just easier to be known by one thing, rather than multiple identities. Plus, RNO just kind of seemed a bit, well, childish (not quite the right word).

Yeah... I too wish that my username was less childish...

Hmm, I never thought of your name as childish. But then, I never learned how to pronounce it either (is it zach nin me?)

Yeah, only 2 letters away.

Oh, and I am a guy.

Did someone once call you Brianna?

A couple times actually.

Wow. That's kind of funny.

Yeah, like I said, it ticked me off after the 4th time.

It's crazy how people mispronounce peoples' names... Especiallt substitute teachers.

Hey is for horses! This bun will self distruct in -1 secon*BOOM*