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AC 30v 50/60Hz Synchronous Motor from 110 Answered

so I bought some Mirrowave turn table motors to use as an Epoxy Rod dryer

I knew I didnt want the 220's and thought I had bought 110 AC  but they are  AC 30V    3W  
I have 4 of them and need to know a cheap way to wire em up. 

Was being cheap and didnt want to pay $10 a motor and got all 4 for $10 but now I see I am going to need a voltage reduction
and or transformer. 

Was thinking one of my old printer or laptop cubes would work.. but those are all AC/DC converters :-(

I am pretty good with hands.. but Electrical circuits not my strong suit. 

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iceng (author)2017-12-29

Or, put your four sync motors in series across the line...

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iceng (author)ToddG402018-01-02

Each motor supports 30 volts AC.. By wiring the four motors in series, the combined motor voltages add up to support 120 volts AC which is the power line voltage... Plug the unconnected ends into a socket and you can dry four epoxy rods at the same time..

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Downunder35m (author)2017-12-30

Just a though as it is what I would do:
Any chance you can find some discarded microwave ovens?
Some areas have a hard rubbish collection on the curb side, some have dedicated recycling facilities and other have scrap metal dealers that have it all.
I have no troubles getting the small motors that turn the table for free around here.
Even if the operator cares about the big transformer they really can't be bothered with the tiny turn motor or the microswitches (always handy).

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ToddG40 (author)Downunder35m2018-01-01

$1.95 is pretty cheap. But i did think of that

Go to. Recycling place and you would think they have a transformer in there as well

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steveastrouk (author)2017-12-29

All you need is a very cheap 12VA transformer.

Something like this is close enough


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ToddG39 (author)steveastrouk2017-12-29

cool. they are close by in Perris CA too. :-)

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