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A/C-Broke for Aerostar. Need ideas for simple/inexpensive roof replacement? Answered

How to get the van interior cooled without spending too much. Considering cheap 110 volt honda generator, can use for other things.
plug in small room A/C or roof venting unit?  Buy used would keep costs down. Watcha think?


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Vyger (author)2012-07-26

Try getting parts from a junkyard and repair the one in the van. Or just find an old junker van and buy it for parts.

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goguddy (author)Vyger2012-07-26

I bought this van used. They already spent ~$600 on repairs, but suspect a leak to the back vents. I do not want to spend anymore on the original and the cost of the old coolant makes it expensive to keep re-charging it to check for leaks. As it is I am looking at $300 to just charge it to analyze what is wrong. So, I have been thinking if it is possible to seal off the lines to the rear and just use the front vents. Or, I was thinking of a roof A/C unit. wired to 12/24 volt or even a converter to 110.
I thought somebody might have a source of units, etc..
Thanx, goguddy.,

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Vyger (author)goguddy2012-07-26

I just bought one of those DIY charging units that has everything in one. It has a dial indicator so you can see just what the pressure is and it has all the instructions on how to charge the unit. I had thought of getting one of these before but was not sure if they worked that good. Anyway, the Pamida chain of stores has been bought out and they are liquidating everything so I got a couple of cylinders of this stuff for 30% off. While I was looking through it all they also had a bunch of cans of this stuff that helps you find leaks. It is a purple dye that is injected into the system, the same way that the coolant is and when it leaks out it tags the area bright purple. I thought about getting some of that but didn't. It could help you find the leak and get it sealed. And DIY charging is way cheaper than having a garage do it.

As far as disconnecting the rear unit you should be able to do that with no problem. There should be somewhere that branches off of the main system. If it has a connector with a seal, you can disconnect it then cut the tubing and solder it closed and reconnect it to the system as a plug. This way you avoid heating up the seals which you might do if you try and solder it in place.

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