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A/C Compressor Lubrication Help? Answered

I am almost completed an A/C compressor compressor.  I wanted an air compressor, and I decided to build one from an A/C compressor.  Before I finish it up, do I need to have some oil being fed through the system and separated before the tank, or can I run it straight with just air coming in and no oil?



Ideally you should have a dripper on the input, and a filter on the output....you COULD with a bit of ingenuity recirculate the oil, via a filter.

That's what I had built was a dripper for the input and bought an oil/water separator for a paint sprayer for the output so I wouldn't get oil in the tank. I had built a small tank with a partition in the middle, so anything unwanted can settle in there before passing through a screen to the other side where it goes round again. I built all the because I was pretty sure I needed it, but ask the question to see if anyone said it would be necessary. Why add complicated parts if you don't need them, just another thing to go wrong! HAHA! But since I was right I will have to put it on. Thanks for the help! :D

It will work, for a bit, without lube, but why wreck it ? You've had exactly the right idea/