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ADAM: 2009 movie about the realionship between a boy with Asperger's and the girl that moves in next door (upstairs) UPDATED.... Answered

Adam chronicles the relationship between a normal woman and a man with Asperger's Syndrome...Those with Asperger's, ...look at the world in ways that are fundamentally different...The easiest way to tell this story would be to resort to stereotypes and short-cuts and, to his credit, Mayer largely avoids these.

A review

Another review


The way I learned about this was through an interview on PBS radio in my area.


I have seen the movie, and I find a lot of it very accurate....but if you are looking for a nice neat "happily ever after" ending, it might not be for you.....it is realistic, and life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after".

Just saying....



i am going watching this today now i have heard about it (hehe suppose its tomorrow for u Usa dudes)

did you see the movie?   What did you think of it?

I watched this movie on a flight to Dubai and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I never heard of it before. I am a volunteer swim coach for special needs children, which most are Autistic.

It really struck me as to what is laying ahead for children with Asperger's and Autism and my heart broke as I lived each moment with Adam and really whished that all would work out well...but it is realistic and is sad to think that life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after". 

I sure hope each child and adult out there diagnosed with these conditions do find their "happily ever after" one day, as they all deserve it!

my heart broke as I lived each moment with Adam and really whished that all would work out well...but it is realistic and is sad to think that life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after".

Details, details....you have to look for the details.....LOL 

It DID end "pretty much" happily ever after, but just not how the fairy tales like to tell it.

#1:  He got his DREAM job.   He was IN HIS ELEMENT !  wonderful !!
#2: He showed he COULD learn social graces (at the job, he comes across an young lady who is OVER-laden with packages, and instead of doing the Aspie thing and allowing her to continue on her way,  he pauses, and then asks if he CAN HELP).  SUPER WONDERFUL !  
Things are  finally working out for ADAM !    And he still has his "first love" as a friend !    How much more happiness can we ever wish for?   He was ON HIS WAY !   He was moving forward.....it is funny,  all my NT friends where I live, didn't like the ending,  many of my Aspie friends DID. The NT's (for the most part) missed those details I mention, and the Aspies all saw them.

PS:  My use of caps here is not for shouting, but emphasis only...the movie is a great one......the one Titled:  Temple Grandin
sounds good too....this is the next one I am in search of....

Oh don't get me wrong!  It's an excellent movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it and even told the parents whose kids I coach to watch it as they are always talking about some movie with Aspergers/Autism which most I haven't heard of.

I am happy for Adam experiencing life and putting his awkwardness aside to try and blend in to new environments.

It is a must see movie!

Oh my, I hope I didn't come across sounding harsh,  I just meant that I have heard so many say the ending wasn't a happy one, and I see him learning and growing, and possibly even starting a new relationship soon, if the story had continued.....to me it was a wonderful ending, even if it wasn't the normal fairytale one we are accustomed to seeing :-) 

When he realized the young lady needed assistance, and offered it, it was such a big step for him, it nearly made me cry. 

I kind of wish they'd released it to more places.....

no, not tomorrow for us, it is your yesterday for us ;-)

For you maybe In new zealand ! its the 12th here but the comment us date says the eleventh ! lol

Um, I am on the East Coast of the USA....sorry, I thought YOU were from NZ (I just checked and see that you are not.)... As I wrote above though, it was after midnight when I wrote my last comment, I am 3 hours ahead of CA where Instructables is based, and you are about 5 hours ahead of me. So, at this point in that point in the night, you were already into the 12th, I had just passed into the 12th, but CA was still in the day before, that is the 11th, which is not tomorrow, but yesterday. :-) PS: I hope enjoy the movie.


Try that, mine shows release date in NZ in November, you guys might get your localised release date.

If so, let me know, so I know how that IMDB works

Got to post it to a NZ list now.

I read a review somewhere from a parent of an Aspie, that disses the movie as making fun of Aspies. I didn't see the movie yet, but everything I have heard about it, including the PBS reviews and interviews have not given ME that impression. I suppose there will always be at least ONE in the group that disapproves.

I forwarded Goodhart's news about the movie to a NZ Aspie, in return he send me his personal commentary foe me to distribute its taken me ages to get access into the Internet Archive in order to upload the document, I am using the mother of all work-arounds, it will put some of my friends on the Archive into shock. Who cares, it works, I got access again.


By now I am guessing we all have seen that Hollywood and the TV
networks are committed to continuing their love affair with
Asperger’s Syndrome. Seems it is our turn to be in the spotlight,
our moment in the sun if you like. A good time to be reaping a
harvest of awareness, progress, understanding I hope?

I love the Forest Gump line. Will it be out at major theaters?

It looks like it has been: from the one review I found this:

U.S. Release Date:


Oh, and BTW: the Forrest Gump line is much more complex then you can imagine. Although it is hard for an Aspie to catch subtle cues in speech, it doesn't mean we can't tell jokes but then again, many times the joking has a purpose behind it, as in this case (not to give away too much), he is gently telling her he is not mentally incompetent in a light manor.