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After the recent site updates, I noticed that the view all steps link on top is replaced by a tiny push button next to the download button.

I have not set the default view all steps option in my profile yet whenever I visit any ible, it shows all steps.

Consequences of the problem:
The ible takes time to load, eats bandwidth, many options like vote, stats are not functional unless the ible fully loaded

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Open your browser
  2. Visit any ible, make sure you don't have allsteps set in your profile.
  3. If you see all steps enabled in ible, disable and view normal ible.
  4. Now open another tab in your browser and view a different ible.
  5. Notice that both ibles look normal (not all steps)
  6. Now come back tp first ible and press allsteps button, let the ible fully load.
  7. Now switch to other tab and fresh the page.
  8. You will notice that the allsteps button is already pressed and ibles loads all steps.
  9. Now open any ible and you will notice it is opened allsteps
Possible cause of the problem:
Before the site update, a ALLSTEPS querystring value was used in the ible URL to maintain the state of allstep. After the update it appears like cookie or session is used to persist state of allsteps button which is not unique and therefore allstep state of one ible is reflected in another.


OS: Windows 7 Home premium
Browsers: IE9 and FF 20.01

I noticed this does not happen in Chrome 27.0 as the button relies on the ALLSTEPS querystring



5 years ago

I'm not sure if you are aware of the broken "View All Steps" button next to the "Next" button placed above the comments window. When clicking it, it just refreshes the page. Seems like it's missing the ?ALLSTEPS


Well it does refreshes the page but loads all the steps, if you do this using Chrome, you will also notice the ALLSTEPS querystring value


5 years ago

This isn't a bug but a result of our feature. Enjoy

I do realize that it may add some value if someone wishes to persist their choice but again imagine loading an ible with 11 steps or more with loads of images etc. I do understand that there is a delayed image loading in place yet it takes a while. imho this should be behave it was previously.
Thank you for responding

Your comments are appreciated and will influence our future decision making. Thanks for letting us know!