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i'm looking for a website that sells cheap aluminum/plastic cases and i just need a generic kind, no branding needed. i know they cannot be that expensive if you can buy a $15 pokerchip set that comes with one. or a kid's board game that comes in one for $10. i've done alot of searching and all i come up with are the expensive designer ones that start at $200. i will be cutting holes in this case making modifactions to make a mobile workstation for my laptop so i dont want to spend $200 on a case that i'm going to cut up. it doesnt have to be aluminum and doesnt need a lock, but something like a briefcase (with a handle) is ideal. here are some images, anyone have any ideas? btw: the case i'm looking for has to be at least – 6" thick, 18"wide and 14.5"tall, must be a hard case (made of anything), must have a handle and open like a brief case.

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westfw (author)2006-12-13


I bought some nice cases last xmas designed for gameboy color on clearance for about $5 at TRU, but they're too small for a laptop. I think at "laptop size" the sales philosophy is like "hey, you spent big bucks on your laptop, I bet we can milk you on a case for it too..."

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westfw (author)westfw2006-12-13

oops. Just notices that none of them meet your thickness requirements. Sorry.

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LasVegas (author)2006-12-12

I just ran into this yesterday and thought it might be useful to bookmark! :) It's only 4.5" thick, but the price is right!

Flambeau Black HDPE Carry Case

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