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AMEX card not working? Answered

Ive been trying to buy a lab pass for a game Im addicted to. I click the one month option, enter in the info, but it says my credit or debit card is declined! Im using a $50 dollar American Express gift card, but whenever I enter the information it says its declined. So i check on the website, it says everytime I tried (and failed) to use it, it deducts $1. Same for my Visa Gift Card. My mom opened a paypal account for me, but whenever I try it, it says the amount is too great for the card. (its $5.95 ) Does anyone have anyway to fix this?


The gift card isn't a credit / charge or debit card, which may well be your problem? L

. That was my first thought, but then I decided that it would only apply to store-branded cards (eg, a Wal-Mart gift card). Since it's Amex, I'm assuming that it will function as a credit/debit card. But you know what happens when one assumes things. ;)

I only know too well.... But I'v used the card for buying something on paypal, and the page looks exactly the same. But last night i did this link and confirm thing for the card, so i dont know if that would do anything.

Some vendors "test" how much value your card can supply to ensure you have sufficient funds (along the lines of "how much cash has this person got, am I receiving their last pennies, or not?)" It may be that the card value at 50$ is actually too low. As I commented before: it's not like other cards and this may be the problem, esp. if you don't have the same cash value left on it as you did first time you used it? L

1. The site may only accept full feature credit cards where they can bill you continously and make it very hard for you to cancel your subscription. Automatic renewal in the fine print even though you only sign up for a 1 month "trial" period. If you are addicted to an only game, it may be that way for a dubious purpose. Be careful. 2. Everytime you use a credit card, there is a "credit hold" on your card. It is an antifraud feature that the merchant "blocks" out $100 or some amount of your credit limit. You may have used the card somewhere else in the last day or two and that credit hold did not expire to guarantee that the last transaction would be processed for the merchant.

The error probably has something to do with the "security number" (4 digits, IIRC) on your card. AMEX does its security numbers differently than other cards. I've made that mistake before.

. Contact Amex. There should be a toll-free number on the card. . If the problem is not your fault, they should be willing to refund the charges, but you'll probably have to ask.

Thats exactly what my mom said. Only problem is.... I suck at talking to people. Especially over the phone.... but i want my $6+ back, so I'll have to. Thanks!