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As a nice I believe  member since 2006
I wonder if anyone else is taken back by their avatar and We have a "be nice" comment policy

Every where you may comment, now staring you in the face ?

Or maybe, I said something and it's ONLY ME ?



5 years ago

One can certain dissagre nicely:
"I don't believe that X will work, perhaps Y would work better"
Instead of:
"Man your dumb"

Personally, my internal filtering doesn't even see the "be nice" text anymore.

You are remarkable that way as I regret am not.

My source of irritation is not the message coming up when I comment.

My displeasure is that now that message is showing continuously
no matter weather I comment or not ! !

The policy has always existed, and has always been displayed at the foot of comment boxes.

It's just more obvious now, because the comment box is always open, and the policy is writ larger and darker than previously.

Some folk may feel patronised by the reminder, but it is my opinion that the reminder is part of the reason why we continue to have such a positive community - it prevents us descending into the stinking mire of YouTube-type commentary.

Not offended any more, simply changed my visage to a Czech-point :)


I like the update, looks like I'm shouting things from the sign I'm on...

Policy's always been the same, or is it the bold that upsets you...

Is the policy being bold? Policies can be awful unruly at times...

When I'm simply browsing this stares at me ALL THE TIME no matter what :(


Mine says: "We have a "be punny" comment policy.  Please be positive you have good puns when you construct your comments"  I resemble that remark.

Who said "Rules are meant to be broken"? Anyway, although it is a deterrent to some people, the warning will not stop others in not being nice in subtle (and no so subtle) ways.

This was what I saw on my browser


Ok, I am having troubles following this post, sorry. Is something wrong?

We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments

Notihng is wrnog !   

It's all just a stranegness in the windimlls of my mind...·.……

I did see that part, but whatg surrounded it, confused me. Maybe because, to my thinking, influencing someone in a postitive way, may not always involve positive words.

sorry about the typo(s), I am a bit over stimmed at the moment (other aspies understand this) and tend to rush forward without spell checking :-)

Not to worry..
Just having fun with transposing two letters in longer words makes me feel wicked ..
The mind simply reads over them but I forgot aspies can spot them right away.
No typo jam was ever meant for you my friend :-)

no, I meant MY typo(s). I was having a hard time sitting still yesterday when I posted.....I see patterns out of place (like those puzzles with a lot of zzzz's in a block form, and one 2....I see the 2 right away) but words sometimes get transposed or misspelled having only seen them written and never spoken. It can be humorous to hear me talk technical because of that. For a long time, I pronounced: "electricity" as e-lec- tri-city no emphasis on any syllabol :-)

Hi, Iceng. I think you've got two different things confused. First, they've changed the layout of the commenting system. Instead of having to click "Add Comment", the site gives you a little box (drawn to look like a comic-strip speech balloon) to type in directly. They also show your current avatar next to the speech balloon.

Second, just as was always done after you clicked Add Comment, the little "be nice policy" statement is shown below the speech balloon. As I said, this was always the case, but maybe you never noticed it before?

We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and consturctive

Thanks for the very pleasant response Kelseymh :)

Here is the Crux of it ... .. .
I am now Ashamed ( embarrassed ) to show a non-member to the bottom of any ible, question or bottom of a comment thread
Because there's my visage with that dire warning fo me to be  Nice.

When you look at any ible or forum topic it does look like you had the top comment and maybe it was blanked or edited out. I find it annoying because it breaks up the flow of getting to read the first real comment. It also looks like I had commented on the ible or topic when I did not. I guess it is a little unnerving to see that you may have commented on something that you would never have commented on and the text "warning" is aimed at that comment.

No. It's always been there. There's plenty to be butthurt about on the site (validly or not); I'm offended you didn't find something more substantial. :p

(Having said that, I disagree with wording that implies that one's comments should literally always be positive. Site rules and all, but that's a downright silly requirement.)

We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and consturctive with your
Stares in my Face even Nowwww

No offense but if it has always been there for you ! !

I wonder what saucy comments you were making when you joined :Þ

The year following mine :-)

Haha. I highly doubt that there was no "be nice" policy six months before I joined (when you did) and that I inspired one...but anything's possible, I suppose. :P

Anyway, even if you amend "always" to "for the last five-and-three-quarters-years," it isn't new by any stretch of the imagination. I think Kelsey is right - it's just a little more prominent now. :)

Doesn't bother me. I think the "be nice" policy shouldalways be shown.