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ANYONE know how to repair a leg on a IKEA BOLIDEN chair leg?? Answered

Hi a large tipsy guest fell onto my chair and split one of the 'feet' . It's an ikea boliden chair, which is the type that consists of moulded plywood arm rests and leg/foot all in one that are joined by a wooden strut across the bottom sorry it's not a very good description. the pic isn't an exact replica the arm/foot is more curvy.


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steveastrouk (author)2009-06-28

Nasty. A fix like that in something as stressed as a plywood form like that is only going to work with a patch like RIAA suggests. Me, I think I'd use some aluminium to splint the wound. I'd sandpaper off the varnish andepoxy the patches on both sides of the break, then I'd bolt through the metal. It'll look odd, unless you glue something on the other leg.

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theRIAA (author)2009-06-27

that looks tricky

I would just put 2 bolts through each side of where it snapped, sandwiched inside some plywood strips the same size as the legs. and lots of glue.

no way to fix that without adding material, sry.

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