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AOA...i want to build a RC submarine....Guide me which micro controller is best for this......?:) ? Answered


This is like asking what is your favourite colour. Your going to get a lot of answers.

There is also a lot of information anyone would need to be able to give a realistic answer, what you expect it to do, budget , time scale skill level of builder. ultimate reason (a toy or hobby or something more commercial.)

I guess your thinking about an autonomous ROV - For a start personally, I would go with the Picaxe system http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/

Relatively cheap, fairly powerful and fast to develop with masses of expert support in their forum. Once you have a handle on the real requirements and scope of the project you will be in a better position to look at other options.

basically the project is this..
'Design and fabrication of RC Submarine'

• To acquire basic knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics and Submarine design.
• To design a new model of RC Submarine by using proper standards and procedures.
• After the completion of conceptual design, the iteration process will be commenced to obtain the best suited and efficient design of RC Submarine.
• A parallel work in the field of electronics and Radio transmission will be initiated with the design process because if the design is finalized then without wasting the time.
• After finalizing the design there will be detailed performance analysis.
• The material and structural selection will be finalized as per requirements.
• Fabrication is an essential part of the project which will be performed after the completion of every aspect of design and performance analysis.
• Implementation of the circuitry and control block will be implemented according to the design.

it is radio control...

Do you mean RC (radio and/or remote controlled), or do you mean robotic?

If RC, you may not need a microcontroller at all (though you will need to think about how you're going to get a control signal through water).

As it is said, "How long is a piece of string ? "

Specify all the other systems, then decide what you need.