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We have land to build on and would like to build Owen Geiger's Beachcomber house. Would you be able to give us a rough estimate for building from well and septic to walls, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.?  Thank you.



5 years ago

Looks like Owen Geiger's ibles can give you rough estimates.

You need to talk to a general contractor and/or architect. There are so many variables it is impossible for someone to just give you an estimate without a ton more info.
-Lot size, how does it drain, condition of the lot, home size, room sizes, what is the local climate, will you be contracting all or some or DIY, what country/state are you building in, what sort of features do you want, do you need landscaping, and on and on.
Not sure who Owen Geiger is but maybe he or someone affiliated with him could help.

Thank you for your advice. We will be building it on our own in SC.

You still need to talk to a professional and show them your plans. You could try searching for an estimation tool using Google but you will need a bit of information.

Again, Owen has an account here so try sending him a PM or commenting on one of his instructables, he could probably help. HERE is his instructable on building an earth-bag home.

This is actually a DIY site, not a site for contractors to advertise their companies or make contact with customers.

You need to find a local trades directory (you don't tell us where you are, either, so I'm afraid that you have to DIY that bit at least).