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AT-AT cake is ready for its close-up Answered

This AT-AT cake is pretty amazing even if very little of it looks to be edible cake stuff. With over 60 hours of work from a few different people and a hand-painted background this is about as epic as a cake can get.

Flickr set via greatewhitesnark.


*shocked silence*

*more silence as the overpowering awesomeness sinks in*

Oh my....
It's really a cake...
That looks more like an AT-AT than any STAR WARS toy I have seen...

What more can I possibly say?

Truly a masterpiece of sugarcraft.


Indeed. That's a very detailed cake.

soooooooooooo cool i wouldint eat that i would frame it : )

mmm...I feel hungry

THAT'S A CAKE?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is INCREDIBLE! I'd love to see an Instructable on this. My boyfriend (like most of my guy friends) is a huge star wars fan. I made a Death Star cake for his birthday this year and even though the humidity was awful and the fondant sagged a lot, the cake was a hit at the party. (And yes, I'll admit that fondant isn't very good. I've tried a few different recipes, and while a corn-syrup based one tastes best, after a few bites most people start peeling it off...which is easy enough since everything is covered in home-made buttercream first.) One of the ideas I want to use sometime is to use of of the LEGO star wars sets to make highly detailed molds for the fondant/chocolate decorations for a cake. Cutting out the tiny squares to make the details on the Death Star was awful, and because it was hot and humid and fondant is stretchy anyways, it was extremely difficult to keep somewhat straight lines. If you're looking for a solid coating for a cake that isn't fondant, I've also seen some gorgeous cakes covered in chocolate or modeling chocolate. If you use white chocolate, you can dye it the same way as fondant for the different colors. Thanks for posting, and again, we'd love to see an instructable on this!

This is a cake?!? It is so well constructed that it looks like an inedible model to me... AMAZING work!

That cake would taste terrible!!! it's all made out of fondent XP That stuff tastes like poop it's marsh mellows, lard , and powdered sugar.

Ummm....you know what poop tastes like? That's just disturbing... ;-> ;->

no but I know it tastes as bad is it could. believe me my sister was in cake decorating class and she made some it's really bad we ended up throwing away half the cake.


9 years ago

Epic is right...

I was involved in building it at my wife's bakery. The only part that is not edible are the inside of the legs and the platform under the head and body which was made with 1/2 mdf. All the decorations on the legs, body etc are edible sugar paste and there is even some cake in the feet.

I'll second what kelseymh said. With the photos there you could totally do an Instructable.

Whoa. Given the number of pictures you(?) have on Flickr, I think the rest of us deserve an Instructable!


9 years ago


Thats stunning work guys, most people would be proud if they made a model that good, but to build it out of edible components, as a model builder i salute your efforts.