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AT&T WiFi connection problem, help asap please!! Answered

my computer and ipod touch seem to be fighting each other ip address wise, when one connects to the internet it steals the others internet connection and after a few minutes the device loses connection altogether. I've already set both devices to have private fixed ips .68 for one and .69 for the other. another thing is that when only one is connected on the mainpage the device says it is the other, so when my computer is connected but not my ipod it says my ipod is connected and vise versa. my main problem is they lose connectivity after a few minutes. i have also disabled the wifi protected setup(which att told me would help solve my problems).

If any other info is needed please tell me, i really need this solved!!


.  Unless you are running a server on one of those machines, there is no need for static IP addresses. Setup all devices that are not running servers to use DHCP (automatically assign addresses) - let the system worry about the details.
.  I don't know what "protected setup" is, but disabling it doesn't sound good to me. Especially if it was working at some time in the past.

protected setup is basically when you have a guest at your house you give them like a 5 digit pin number they input on their device and they get like 30 minutes of wifi tie. when i talked to att 2wire people they said this sometimes gets in the way and interferes with the wifi so they disable it when its not needed and most people don't use it anyways.

Never answer questions before first coffee. NACHO's answer is right. Doh,.

.  heehee. I thought that's what you meant, but wouldn't have been surprised if you knew some DNS "trick" I wasn't aware of.

. DHCP might work, also.